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Broaddus: Bears Converted Plays, Cowboys Didn't in Loss


Coming into this game with the Bears, I really believed that the team that could run the ball with some success and protect its quarterback was going to have the best chance to win. The rushing yards for Chicago weren't great, but as head coach Jason Garrett said, it was good enough to keep his defense honest.

You have to give this Bears offensive line a lot of credit for the job they did against this Cowboys front seven. Quarterback Jay Cutler was only sacked twice, but more importantly, he wasn't pressured nearly enough when the Cowboys needed it the most. There was no question that wide receiver Brandon Marshall was going to play a huge role in this game and he didn't fail to disappoint.

Once again, give the Bears offensive coaches credit for putting Marshall in positions to make plays. From my press box seat, there appeared to be too many times when Marshall did a masterful job of working to find space and Cutler was able to find him for some key receptions.

We can all focus on the turnovers as the key factors in this loss, and don't get me wrong, they were huge. But to me, where the Bears won this football game was in their ability to convert on plays where the Cowboys did not. When we all sit down to break down this game, it will be clear that there were too many opportunities that were left on the field. You can try and pin this on the quarterback or the receivers, but in reality, there were too many missed assignments, blocks and drops, really failures on both sides of the ball, for the Cowboys to win. When you have two teams this evenly matched, the side that executes better usually comes out on top and we saw that in this game.

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