Broaddus: Breaking Down 7 Rookie Free Agents Expected To Sign With Cowboys

IRVING, Texas – On Friday the Cowboys' 2016 draft class and a group of undrafted rookies will start the three-day rookie minicamp. Here's a closer look at seven of the rookie free agents who have agreed to terms with the team and are expected to officially sign this week and participate in minicamp.

Caleb Azubike, DE, Vanderbilt (6-4, 250; 4.92)

Will line up inside over the guard. Nice job of using his hands to free himself. Quick arm over move. Works down the line to find the ball. Can finish. Times where he was out of control in space. Will over run plays. Little herky-jerky in his movement. Will give ground to play off block. Will wrap up when he gets in position. Quick to come up the field then retrace steps to get back on play. Shows pass rush moves. Will line up wide to rush. Faces too many double teams inside. Snaps where he is late off the ball. Doesn't always show great balance. Works hard to get rid of the blocker. Much better player when he can line up wide. Will extend into the blocker and find the ball. Quick off the ground when knocked down. Trouble when he has to go toe-to-toe with blockers – better when on the move against the run. Active and relentless.

Jake Brendel, C, UCLA (6-4, 303; 5.04)

Position blocker, stays on his feet. Can adjust on the move to the second level. Will absorb his man and work to control. Doesn't really extend his hands. Can be knocked off track when he is in space. Used as a puller. Is not going to give you much push. Has to work hard to try and redirect his man. Has trouble when his head goes down. Aware to help across the pocket when uncovered. Has trouble sustain blocks in space. Has trouble with power on his nose. Doesn't play with much upper body strength. Tends to play light. Majority of his snaps are in the shotgun.

Chris Brown, WR, Notre Dame (6-2, 193; 4.46)

Shows the ability to adjust to the ball. Will go high or low to make the catch. Catches the ball in his hands. Can drive his man off the ball. Will come back for the ball. Will make the reception and head up the field. Nice run after catch. Will high point the ball. Nice leaping ability. Aware where the sticks are. Knows how to work the sideline with his feet. Good on the "hot" reads. Does a nice job of finding space while in route. Not afraid to carry them inside. Consistent with his hands – had a couple of opportunities where he dropped catchable passes. Productive player.

Rodney Coe, DT, Akron (6-3, 310; 4.90)

Lines up as a defensive tackle but will also play as an end. Has even lined up as a standup linebacker behind the line. Physical at the point of attack. Can really get off the ball. Quick with his hands to shed blockers. Plays with power. Hard guy to move. Outstanding reactions to get to the outside. Impressive speed for a man his size. Can find the ball and finish the play. Can hold up blockers to allow linebackers to run to the ball. Plays in balance. Will work around blocks. Stays square. Can redirect to handle the screen. Is one of those guys who is always around the ball.

Arjen Colquhoun, CB, Michigan State (6-0, 188; 4.58)

Will line up at either cornerback spot but will normally line up in the boundary. Can play in the slot but would not want him there all the time. Physical tackler but there are snaps where he goes low. Will step up and deliver a blow. Right place, right time player. Puts himself in position to make plays. Can play the ball in the air. Doesn't have much catch-up speed. Will peddle sideways in zone. Not quick out of his break. There is separation down the field. Doesn't turn easily. Strong enough to hold his man along the line. Used on the blitz but just not quick enough to make a difference. Will knock the ball away with his off hand. Has trouble when receivers run the double moves on him. Has to grab to stop. Relentless effort when chasing the play. Not a "wow" type of player – more steady than spectacular.

Ed Eagan, WR, Northwestern State (5-10, 192; 4.48)

Shorter receiver but lines up on the outside. Has the initial quickness to separate off the line. Lack of length hurts him down the field when adjusting for the ball. Can overthrow him. Is not going to win many balls in the air. Quarterback does him no favors. Catches the ball in his hands – not against his body. Carries his routes inside. Shifty with the ball in his hands. Routes tend to be all over the place. Not as smooth as you would like. Will struggle with his balance. Team does things to try and get him the ball in space.

David Hedelin, OT, Purdue (6-5, 297; 5.30)

Lines up as a left tackle. Tall and upright player. Doesn't get much movement. Gets his hands inside then tries to steer his man away from the play. Has trouble sustaining his block when his man begins to move. Has trouble when he has to redirect. When his feet stop, he loses all chance he has to complete the block. Will get overextended. Better when he can jump his man off the snap. There are snaps where he is slow off the ball. Has trouble with quickness inside. Poor body control. Can pull but has trouble with the finish. Has a chance as a pass blocker when the rusher goes down the middle. If he has to deal with quickness or movement then he is going to have problems.

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