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Broaddus: CB Smith A Name To Know After Supplemental Draft


IRVING, Texas -- The Supplemental Draft for 2013 has come and gone without a player being selected. As reported on, the front office would not be a part of this draft. These players are now free to sign with any club before the start of camp or during the year.

What the Cowboys front office is weighing right now is if they want to make a move for Damond Smith, a cornerback/safety from South Alabama. If I could compare Smith to any former player it would have been Alan Ball in his ability to play the two positions, which is always a plus in today's football.

Smith has a bit of a checkered past in bouncing around between a couple of schools, but the bigger question is whether he's better than Brandon Underwood, Devin Smith or Xavier Brewer – three defensive backs currently on the Cowboys' 90-man roster. The front office really likes these players that I have mentioned and they are ready to go for camp both mentally and physically, whereas there might be some questions about how good of shape Smith is in at this point.   [embedded_ad]

Smith was the name that was most interesting to the Cowboys in this draft, however, so keep an eye on him down the road if a body is needed to be brought into camp at a later date. 

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