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Broaddus: Durant Among 12 Thoughts From The Radio Booth


SAN DIEGO – I'll have more in-depth analysis when I've had a chance to watch the game tape. For now, here's a dozen quick impressions from the Cowboys' preseason loss to San Diego – as seen from the radio booth at Qualcomm Stadium.

  • The battle between Joseph Randle and Ryan Williams at running back will go down to the final blitz pickup. They both run the ball tough and catch it well, but who can stand in there and keep rushers off Tony Romo is going to get that spot.
  • If you don't play with your hands and shed blocks at the point of attack, you are going to have a bad defense -- I don't care how much talent you think you have. The Chargers did a much better job of coming off the ball and sustaining their blocks. The Cowboys front seven had no answer for that.
  • I would not want to be hit by Ahmad Dixon.

  • Was not surprised by the way Brandon Weeden played, but I was surprised by how much mobility he showed to get to the outside and deliver that ball to James Hanna. I was always positive that he was going to get rid of the ball out of bounds, but he did a nice job of keeping his eyes down the field to make the throw.
  • Without watching the tape, I like what I saw from Mackenzy Bernadeau at center.  He appeared to play on his feet, and when he had to make a reach or a cutoff block, he did a nice job of securing those blocks. He wasn't slow or sluggish at all.
  • Don't give up on Terrance Mitchell. The kid played the whole game and at times was technique poor, but Jerome Henderson and Joe Baker will continue to work with him. This was a great learning experience for him.

The Cowboys take on the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium.

  • Really nice hit by Justin Durant on the goal line to knock the ball loose from Ryan Mathews. I haven't given him nearly enough credit for his play making ability, but he continues to keep showing up in practices and now games.
  • Was disappointed that I didn't see more in production from Chris Boyd. Thought he had a chance to come down with that 3rd down pass late in the game from Dustin Vaughan. It appeared that he misjudged it in flight.
  • I believe that if the league passed this 33-yard extra point rule I would be a fan. Each time it was attempted, I paid closer attention to the kick.
  • I will be interested, when I study the tape from this game, if Kenneth Boatright did a better job than Martez Wilson at defensive end? [embedded_ad]
  • If I worked in this front office, I would lobby to not play Dustin Vaughan in any more snaps. I think this kid showed great poise hanging in the pocket and I am not interested in letting anyone study his film and take him from me.
  • I wish that everyone could do a Cowboys game on radio with Brad Sham.
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