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Broaddus: Film Shows TE Cochart Can Give Team Blocking Boost

On Saturday morning the Cowboys put in a claim for and were awarded tight end Colin Cochart from the Cincinnati Bengals. Here is a scouting report from what I was able to observe. 

Games viewed: Preseason 2012, New York Jets, Atlanta, Green Bay 

  • Cochart has nice size and a thicker lower body. Plays as a true in line "Y" but can also give you something as a "U" or "M" guy as well.  
  • Not the most fluid moving athlete up the field on routes. Is more like Phillips than Witten or Hanna. Is not the type that is going to get open naturally.  But you do see him do some athletic things when it comes to adjusting on the move. 
  • Showed really nice awareness on the goal line against the Jets to push his man to the tackle, then pick up the linebacker. Only saw one time and that was against the Falcons where he missed on his adjustment on the second level in getting the linebacker. 
  • Did a nice job of walling off his man on the down block. Stout enough to hold that position and allow the ball to get to him. Makes the effort to finish blocks, can get into his man and has some snap to his game. Good initial pop but his hands will get outside the frame work of defender and he becomes a push-shove blocker. 
  • Can get some push one on one against linebackers but didn't see many opportunities against linemen. Used some in pass protection as well, got a little over extended against the Falcons but didn't give up a sack or pressure. 
  • As mentioned, most routes were limited for him and only saw one chance to catch the ball and that was a pass to the flat that he can to turn back, adjust and grab against Green Bay. 
  • What he brings is a big body at the point of attack that is used to playing along the line. Not going to beat you with his hands but how he is able to block.      
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