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Broaddus: Halfway Into Season, Offense Searching For Identity

When I watched this game tape from Sunday night against the Falcons, it became clear just what the problem is with the offense.

They don't have an identity. They don't know how they're trying to move the ball on a consistent basis.

That's a problem eight games into the season.

It was noticeable against the Falcons. When you have to make a play on third down – just catch the ball or get up field. But they don't make the plays needed to extend drives. Those are things that is killing this team offensively. They're not consistent enough at anything.

There's no consistency in the running game. You've got DeMarco Murray hurt. They play with Felix Jones one time, then Phillip Tanner and Lance Dunbar gets in. There's no continuity there, it's more of a grab bag.

Again, what is your identity on offense? How are you trying to do this?

It's not like the defensive side of the field is much better. I think there are things they do well, but it's not really an identity. I think you have an idea that this defense is going to have one or two series a game where they give up a drive, but they'll hunker down for the rest of the game.

But they also had a chance to get key third-down stops and couldn't do it.

That's really the problem with this entire team. When they absolutely have to execute, whether it's offense or defense, they can't do it.

At least on defense you have a good understanding what they're trying to do. But on offense, the lack of identity is hurting this team, especially since we're halfway into the season.

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