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Broaddus: If Club Has Interest In WR Shipley; Here's A Look

 There are plenty of folks that have been asking me about would the Cowboys make a run at former Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley. 

From visiting with some folks this Saturday morning, I got the feeling that Shipley is in fact on their radar and that with the roster spot that was cleared on Friday with the release of Ed Wesley that the Cowboys are entertaining putting a claim in for the former University of Texas star. 

To me, this makes a great deal of sense to put a claim in for him. There is nothing wrong with taking a look at a talented player such as Shipley. Two years ago his production was outstanding as a rookie receiver. He might not have the quickness of Cole Beasley but he does have a great feel for how to run routes and get open. He is very quarterback friendly because of his hands and his ability to secure the ball in traffic. 

There is really no downside to this because if there is something with his knee, it allows the Cowboys doctors to take a look at it and proscribe better possible to treatment to get the situation cleared up and they have their receiver. On the other hand, if it's a bad repair, then the club can give him advice and move on from there. 

Shipley is currently on the 24 hour NFL waiver system, so any one of the 31 teams could have the same idea as the Cowboys and the club sits in the middle of the order to be awarded a waived player. Before the team leaves for their game against the Chargers, they should know the outcome. 

You always hear me say that the team is in the player acquisition business, here is an opportunity to do just that.   

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