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Broaddus: Kowalski Putting Pressure On Injured Guards


I am not a doctor or a trainer in this league and I mean no offense when I say this but it appears that Nate Livings and Ronald Leary are closer to returning to practice just from what I have seen in their rehab workouts.

With that being said, until they do return, Kevin Kowalski has really done a nice job of filling in while they have been out. What you have to remember about Kowalski is that throughout his career, he has filled in big games before. I remember well a victory in San Francisco and a Monday night game against the Giants so for him, this is nothing new.

Going into this camp, on my two-deep board, I thought there were questions whether he was the ninth or tenth linemen on the roster depending on how many they were willing to keep.

From what I have observed with my own eyes and in the film room, here early, Kowalski will find his way off that bubble. He has been too good in the running game securing blocks and pulling in space. He has passed stunts and worked well getting out in the screen. He has played on both guard spots without mistakes and he has even [embedded_ad] taken a rep or two at center. He has shown some power and balance but he has also worked well with Tyron Smith who Is your starting tackle.

In 2012, it was a wasted year for Kowalski dealing with the foot injury but appears that he has put that behind him and is full speed ahead. He like Costa, Arkin and others will get plenty of work in the preseason and that is not a bad thing but for right now, he is proving to this front office and coaches, he deserves a spot on this roster as a swing guy.

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