Broaddus: Like His Opinion Or Not; Spears Keeps It Real


There have been plenty of observations, both good and bad in regards to the comments made by former Dallas Cowboys defensive linemen, Marcus Spears during the Final Four basketball game at AT&T Stadium last Monday night on his twitter account.

I have the utmost respect for Marcus Spears and what he did for this organization. He has always been a standup guy whether the team won or lost. He would be at his locker every Monday to take question after question no matter how well thought out or ridiculous they were.

What you have to know about Marcus Spears is that no matter the situation, he has always been a player that gave his view whether you liked it or not. Over the years, I found him truthful and honest to a fault, while others in that locker room were not that way at all. There has always been a consistency with Spears, in his views about the shape of the team, the coaching staff or his own play. He has never shied away from telling it like it is.

To many Cowboys fans, Spears was a player that never lived up to the expectations where he was selected by our staff in 2005. Was a great player? Not really, but there was never a question of his leadership in that locker room and the responsibility that he felt toward his teammates. He was one of those rare players, along with Jason Witten, that felt that he had to step up and take ownership of his team and he did just that. [embedded_ad]

What I have found interesting is that there are people in social media or in the actual media that have taken the approach of calling Spears out for his tweets.  Where the focus should be, is if you do not take his comments as anything other than an insightful and educated opinion, it is ignorant on your part.

For people to take the stance that it is just sour grapes or bitterness on Spears part, really don't know the man. Bitterness is the furthest thing from the truth. I have seen Marcus Spears with my own eyes, visiting with veteran and rookie players alike at his locker, in the training room and on flights during road trips. He was always in a discussion with his teammates. He was a respected source, that any player  could draw experience from in just a short conversation. If there was a man that had the pulse of his team and teammates, it was Marcus Spears.

I am not going to sit here and pretend to tell you that I knew what other players might have been invited to the game that Monday night, but what I will tell you, whether you choose to believe Marcus Spears or not, in his observation is real and truthful. Which comes from a player that lived the dynamic of the day to day life in a National Football League locker room and if he feels that what he saw Monday night in that suite could affect what players might be thinking, I would say this is not one of those situations that you take with just a grain of salt because I am not and neither should you.

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