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Broaddus: Moore's Development, McFadden's Toughness Among Thoughts

1) Without knowing what quarterback might be available in the draft or free agency or by trade, I am willing to give Kellen Moore the opportunity to come back and compete for the backup job on this team. I believe that he has opened some eyes in this organization in what he can do, whereas when he first arrived in Dallas, I don't believe that was the case. I want to see these coaches continue to work with him and allow him to develop and grow. Sure, there are physical limitations with him, but there are also plenty of positive traits to work with.

2) I wish that this club would have not wasted time with Joseph Randle in the first month of the season. Darren McFadden was the best back on this roster, and it wasn't even close. There were plenty of people that doubted him and his ability to stay healthy for an entire season, but McFadden proved all of those doubters wrong. His toughness was outstanding, which is a credit to him.

3) Speaking of toughness, how about Tyrone Crawford? Dealing with a damaged shoulder, he continued to line up and play despite needing surgery to get it fixed. It was clear during the last half of the season that he was a one-armed player, and you could especially see this when he had to play off blocks. For him to end up with three tackles, including one for loss, tells you a lot about the type of player he is.

4) I thought that linebacker Anthony Hitchens did a nice job of filling in for Sean Lee at the WILL. It just once again proved to me that's really his natural position, and in the offseason, the front office and coaches need to continue to play him there and not as a MIKE or SAM. Even if it's as a backup, he is still more productive at that spot than playing him where he is not.

5) It appeared that the Redskins had attacking Deji Olatoye in mind during this game, especially early. As much as I like Olatoye and the physicality that he brings to the position as a tackler, he is going to need to develop a better awareness and understanding of how to position himself in order to play routes. This is an area that he can develop with more practice and experience.

6) Not knowing what lies ahead with Greg Hardy and his future with the Cowboys, there has to be a sense of disappointment that he wasn't able to take better advantage of Trent Williams not being in the lineup. A seldom-used backup shouldn't be able to hold him to just one hurry in this game, especially with so much on the line for him. It was not one of his best efforts.

7) Didn't understand why Jason Garrett went for the onside kick with 4:18 in the game. If he planned to use his timeouts on the drive, why not kick it out of the end zone and work to pin the Redskins deep. Garrett made it easy for Jay Gruden to go for it on fourth down. If the ball is in Redskins territory, Gruden punts it away and at least you get an offensive series.

8) Was surprised by the amount of pressure that the Redskins were able to generate on this Dallas offensive line. I felt that there was a snap or two where Moore held the ball a little too long, but that's not an excuse. It just wasn't a clean enough game for those guys, which was a disappointing way for them to go out.

9) Wonder how many scouts missed on Jamison Crowder? That screen that he was able to convert on third-and-17 was special. A lesson as we get ready for this draft – players who are productive in games despite their measurables have a place on a roster. Don't be fooled by a player being too this or too that.


10) Hard to believe after what we saw in the preseason that Randy Gregory would end the season without a sack. I need to study the film from the game, but it didn't appear that he was close. This offseason is not only going to be about gaining more strength, but also working hard to improve his technique as well.

11) This club is going to have to get better at the 1-technique, and the good news is that there are several candidates in this draft who can offer immediate help.

12) Thanks so much for reading my work all season. Hope you have learned a thing or two along the way. @TheDraftShow begins Jan. 15 at 11 a.m. CST on

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