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Broaddus: Offensive Players From Missouri Turning Some Heads

ALLEN, Texas – Here are some more thoughts from Texas vs. Nation practices after watching the North squad.

·         The one offensive linemen that stood out for the North squad this morning was tackle Elvis Fisher of Missouri. Fisher is not that big weight wise at 291 but there were several plays where he was able to get some movement at the point of attack. Fisher also do a good job on his pass set. Hands and feet were working well together. Able to slide outside and mirror his man. Not much wasted movement or jerky with his set. Able to control and finish the play. Never looked panic or stressed when dealing with the rusher. Will most likely not play in the game on Saturday because during team period he hurt his right knee on a play and had to sit the remainder of the practice out. Really was having a nice day until the injury.

·         Defensive tackle Anthony White of Michigan State caught my eye with some of the work that he was able to show this morning. During the weigh in on Tuesday morning, he looked very sloppy at 334 pounds and asking some scouts about his ability, the word was he was a load to block when he wants to play but can get tired as the game wears on. Really flashed some good things this morning against the double team blocks in the 9-on-7 drills but also working down the line when fighting the reach or scoop blocks. Thought he was a much better player when it came to playing the run than as a pass rusher. Is more of a bull rusher than a guy with pass rush moves. Tried an arm over move but wasn't done with much quickness. I love his weight for that one technique guy in this scheme. Played both the one and three techniques this morning but again, his work will be as a one. Might be an interesting guy if you can figure out what makes him tick because he did some things off the ball that gave me a little hope he could do it at the next level.

·         If you are looking for a down the line potential slot receiver with some decent size, TJ Moe of Missouri might be your guy. Moe has dependable hands and does a solid job of getting open. Really has more quickness than true speed. He is not afraid of running routes inside but can also work along the sidelines. Was able to get deep on a "9" route for a touchdown from Matt Brown of Illinois State. Plays like one of those kids that is a "gym rat" that just loves to play the game. You see him always talking to the quarterbacks even when he is not in the huddle. Might be a hard guy to get rid of if you brought him on your squad.

·         Other than outside linebacker Devan Walker of Southwestern Louisiana and inside linebacker Evan Frierson of Illinois State, I really haven't seen a linebacker that I really like on this Nation squad. As a group, there really isn't anyone of them that runs will enough to play in this new scheme for the Cowboys. I didn't see any speed or quickness and there were too many times where tight ends and backs were running in the open field with separation. Walker played with awareness in coverage knocking down a pass on a zone drop and Frierson did a nice job of chasing the ball to the sideline and knocking the runner out bounds.

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