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Broaddus: Painting A Favorable Picture For Vince Young In Dallas


As a scout you are trained to write what you see and see what you write. You want to paint a picture for that person who is reading your scouting report like you are not in the room to describe that player. My teammates at love to get on me about the way I write stories, not for the subject manor but for how I can take a hundred word piece and turn it into five times the amount in a heartbeat.

I admit, I can be too wordy and draw the subject out a little long but again, it's about painting that picture. Last week, Nick Eatman wrote a column that used few words but most importantly in my view from a personnel man's perspective, made perfect sense. Why not take a look at Vince Young as a third quarterback for this team? I am sure that you can come up with several reasons why not and before I observed Young's pro day in Austin, I would have been right there with you but Nick's piece actually presents several positive reasons why this team should consider it.

Throughout his career, we have all seen the brilliance of Vince Young but we have also been a part of his short comings. I understand where there have been moments of inexcusable decisions of not protecting the ball but I also remember times where he danced through the rush delivering a strike down the field to beat the Giants. Sure there are plenty reasons to not want to work with Young but there also are some moments to hang your hat on.  

From a scouting point of view, I understand what you have to be able to do on the mental side of the game to be a successful quarterback in this league and there will be those that say that Young isn't smart enough which I have to disagree with. Young appears to be very coachable and the example I will give you once again comes from my visit to Austin where I watched him throw the ball. When Young came into the league, his mechanics would not remind you of Troy Aikman but more of an Olympic shot putter. He wouldn't throw the ball off his index finger but he would push it like a shot put. During his workout, it was clear that Young had worked with University of Texas offensive coordinator, Major Applewhite on his throwing motion.

His drive away from center, foot work and arm motion was tighter and better put together. He threw the ball with pace and his accuracy was outstanding at all levels. It didn't matter whether the target was stationary or on the move like Marquise Goodwin running the deep "In" Young had the ball right there. I remember times in Young's career where he was all over the place with the ball making his receivers have to work much too hard for a reception. This was still the physically gifted quarterback with the ball in his hands but technically, he was a totally different player.

I am sure there are those of you that believe there would be baggage with a signing like this but l honestly don't believe so. Young is 30 years old but there is not much wear and tear on that body. He has made only 50 career starts and during that time he has 31 wins to his credit. In just watching him work, you can see the growth of him as a person. He has a young son he now looks after and a college degree hanging on the wall. He is mentally in a better position to handle an opportunity to help a club. Nick brought up an excellent point about his ability to run the scout team offense when you play those clubs that run the read option which two of three teams use in your own division.

[embedded_ad] What I also would like about Young is that in the pre-season, he could give you a better look in the games than the two young quarterbacks that are currently on the roster behind Kyle Orton. We have to remember how poor quarterback play in the pre-season effects the evaluation of the other offensive players on your squad. From experience, I can't tell you how many times where receivers, tight ends and backs have run good routes but the ball doesn't get to them because of a poor throw or read from a quarterback that has no business being on the field.

Will this front office and coaching staff pull the trigger on Vince Young? Probably not but there is a reason they tried to claim Mike Kafka off waivers from the Patriots because  they understand they have several young players they have to evaluate and if the offense grinds to a halt, they will struggle to get that read to set their 53. Vince Young might not make a lot of sense to fans out there but I have to give Nick a lot of credit, because it makes perfect sense to me.

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