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Broaddus: Romo's Poise, Hitchens Among 12 Thoughts


  • The numbers never tell the true performance of a team or player, but what you see with your own eyes at these games usually does. As poor as Tony Romo was in the 49ers game with his decisions, his overall performance was the complete opposite in this game against the Rams. Sure, we can talk about the interception that Jenkins grabbed, but that was a big-time read and break on his part – that's going to happen. Against the Rams, it was Romo's mobility and poise that helped win this game, and that is something that we all have questioned these past two weeks.
  • DeMarco Murray ended up with a 100-yard rushing game again, but I am surprised that he really didn't end up with more. There is a side of me that believes that when the Rams got up to their early lead that some of those opportunities went by the wayside.
  • If you want to know, that last interception by Morris Claiborne is how he made plays at LSU. I know. I have seen him do it before.

  • There is no doubt that this defense needs Rolando McClain in the lineup, but Anthony Hitchens has to be proud with the way that he played. After the game, he passed me on the field, and I told him "Good game, Rook." He just smiled and said thanks. The film will show mistakes and after his missed tackle on the first drive, I thought he settled down.
  • Have a feeling that Henry Melton sucked it up and finished this game with some type of injury. He was on the sideline with a wrap on his leg, but Jason Witten encouraged him to get back out there because the team needed him. And to Melton's credit, he did just that.
  • Best pass rushes for the day came from slot blitzes by the corners. On the Bruce Carter interception, it was Orlando Scandrick who got home on Rams quarterback Austin Davis to force the poor pass.
  • I made a mistake and didn't give Rams running back Zac Stacy enough credit in my breakdowns. He was a load to deal with for this Cowboys defense.
  • I don't know what kind of plan Rod Marinelli and his staff can come up with to handle these tight ends they face each week, but something needs to be done. I made the suggestion to try Sterling Moore, and I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't see him or Jeff Heath handle that going forward.
  • Robert Quinn has played in three games against Tyron Smith and he has yet to record a sack.
  • I knew there was a reason that when studying the Rams, I wanted to face quarterback Shaun Hill instead of Austin Davis. I honestly felt like [embedded_ad] the only chance that the Rams had to win this game was if he played because of his arm strength, mobility and the way that he was able to finish the play. He can be a long-time starter in this league from what I have seen.
  • I love how the coaches now put Terrance Williams in those blocking positions when they are trying to run the football. Dwayne Harris would be my ideal guy to do that job, but Williams is not afraid to get his nose dirty. It's part of becoming a complete receiver when you can show the toughness to handle those assignments.
  • If the Edward Jones Dome press box was a restaurant, I would eat there every night. Best food I have ever had at a football game. The selection was wide and the quality was 5-star worthy for this man's taste buds.
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