Broaddus: Scouting The Rest Of The Cowboys' Undrafted Free Agents

IRVING, Texas – Yesterday, I took a first look at the undrafted rookie free agents the Cowboys are bringing to Valley Ranch. If you missed it, you can read that here.

On Thursday, the Cowboys' rookies are arriving at the team facility to begin preparations for rookie minicamp and the start of their NFL careers. Before practice begins on Friday, here's a look at the rest of the undrafted class.

Andy Jones, WR, Jacksonville (FL)           (6-1, 217; 4.51)

Catches the ball on the move. Will push off to gain separation. Tremendous concentration. Sideline awareness for his feet. More physical than quick. Will need to tighten his routes. Can track the ball down the field. Works hard to finish receptions. Can run through arm tackles. Not an explosive player. Has a hard time getting away from people. Will adjust to the ball. Can get his head around to make the catch. Able to flip his hands and adjust to the low ball. Understands how to work himself open. Will find space and come back to the ball. Will keep moving to get open. Can make the contested catch. Will catch the ball in traffic. Will be interested to see how he handles playing on the NFL level. Has receiver traits to work with but doesn't have that extra gear as a route runner.

Deon King, LB, Norfolk State      (6-1, 220; 4.64)

Attacks the line. Flows to the ball. Can close some ground when he runs. Can fool him with movement. Quick with his hands. Wrap up tackler. Used on the blitz. Quick to jump around blocks and at timesd will get him in trouble. Better ball skills? Dropped a ball over the middle right in his hands. Can play off the blocks. Will step up to fill. Physical player. Quick to get in position. Will leave his feet at times. Gets hooked on blocks at times. Size will give him problems. If he goes toe-to-toe with a big blocker, he can become engulfed. Can really change directions. Undersized but very active. Will take on blocks but gets over run too. Is best when he can make plays on the move. WILL linebacker candidate.

Ryan Mack, OT, Memphis (6-4, 300; 5.35)

Lines up as a right tackle. Transfer from Louisville. Started three games in 2016 season. Gets away from the line well. Has to be careful that he doesn't get over the tops of his toes. Can recover. Does well to get to the 2nd level. Gets out well in space. Can adjust to make the backside block.  Nice job to seal the corner on the down block. Gets movement with athletic ability. Bad balance when he lunges. Lack of technique will get him in trouble. Hand fighter. Struggled with his awareness on the twist and the execution of picking it up. Didn't work well with the guard. Has trouble when he has to sit down on his man. Doesn't play with much upper or lower body power.

Jeremiah McKinnon, CB, Florida International   (5-11, 190; 4.51)

Plays with ball skills. Does a nice job of reacting to the ball. There are snaps where he goes low as a tackler. Needs to wrap up better when he gets in position. Doesn't really want to tackle. Can avoid blocks. Plays with some quickness. Will turn and find the ball when carrying his man. Burst out of his pedal. Knows how to cut off the route. Plays the ball well in the air. Used on the slot blitz. Can close some ground but needs to do a better job of finishing. Will play the ball down the field. Aware to play with off-hand. Not physical on the edge. Doesn't have great catch up speed. Some problems with his balance. Is a much better defender when he is dealing with the pass then when he is playing the run.

Rolan Milligan, S, Toledo             (5-10, 195; 4.58)

Wrap up tackler. Will play out of the slot. Will break on the ball quickly. Plays as a down safety. Can cover some ground when he runs. Very nice ball reactions. Can carry his man across the formation. Stays in position up the field. Turns to find the ball. Shows the ability to create turnovers. Can close on the ball. Will miss in space.  Super aggressive. Plays faster than his 40 time. Can finish when he gets in position to make plays.

Jason Neill, DE, University of Texas–San Antonio             (6-2, 266; 4.71)

Lines up as the left defensive end. Some stiffness in his up field rush. Has the power to hold the point of attack. Plays with his hands inside. Good leverage. Doesn't have many pass rush move – tries to bull rush his man. Tries hard to get rid of his man quickly. Gets the edge through effort. Has trouble when he has to start-then-stop. Takes time to get going again. Tries to keep moving. Can make plays when the ball is right at him. Stays square to play his technique. Good with assignments. Plays with upper body power. Can walk his man back. Will work down the line to make the tackle.

Boston Stiverson,OG, Kansas State        (6-3, 311; 5.25)

Lines up as the left guard. Plays on his feet. Can get overpowered. Gave up pressure inside early but was better as season wore on. Can make 2nd level adjust. Used on the pull and able to locate man, sustain. Aware player. Wants to help across the pocket when uncovered. Will stay in position on the down block. Can get movement when he works on the double team. Base tends to get wide and it will throw him off balance. Effort and finish are better than his technique. Did not see any snaps where he was used as a center so likely a stretch to think he could be a swing guy.

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