Broaddus: Selected Scouting Reports On Offensive Linemen In Combine Group 1

INDIANAPOLIS– With the offensive linemen set to go through the first workouts of the NFL Combine, I wanted to share my notes from some of the guys I'll have an eye on during the process. I'll have another post later on guys to watch in the next group.

T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh OL #06

Plays as a right tackle. Can get movement off the snap. Works to finish his blocks. Can seal the edge with a down block. Will play over the top of his feet at times. Athletic enough to adjust back into position if he gets over extended. Long arms and reach to push his man to the outside. Will quickly jump into position to block. At times will absorb man then take him where he wants to go. Will lose control and sustain when trying to drive a man. Has a hitch when getting away from the line in pass pro. Doesn't really punch the rusher to stop his charge. Much more hand placement. Athletic ability helps him in pass protection. Can really down or angle block. Will be times where he does a nice job of finishing blocks. Plays on his feet. Athletic enough to make cut off and reach block. Could play either side.

La'el Collins, LSU OL #08

Plays as the left tackle. Powerful man. Works to finish his block. When he gets in trouble he will become overextended and lunge. Able to adjust to the line games. Doesn't appear to have the range to get all the way to the outside. Is far better control going inside as opposed to working to his outside. Hands tend to go outside the frame. Able to get some nice push on Dante Fowler of Florida. Able to seal the corner to allow back to the outside. Has to be careful when defender pulls him forward with his balance. Is one of those players that has upper body power and he tries to climb the block as he pushes. Will have snaps where he is off balance. Will carry his hands low in pass pro. Manages to put himself in position on his kick. Can push his man wide. Flowers from Arkansas walked him back on a rush. Tends to catch blocks more than punch. Can adjust to sudden movement. Might have to play inside or at right tackle.

Cameron Erving, Florida State OL #13

Played as a center vs. Georgia Tech. Will normally line up as a left tackle. Can make the reach block. Initial quickness to get in position. Plays on his feet. Can drive his man off the ball. When he extends can get push. Works to finish his block. Did over set man vs Miami and had to quickly adjust back inside but was able to do it. Has some upper body power. Able to hold man off. Can get outside on screen. Can get to the outside on pass set but at times needs to do it quicker. Gets in trouble when base gets wide. Aware to pick of the twist. Makes line calls. I think he could play center and be okay with that. Scouts feel that that might be his best position. Gives you some flexibility at a couple of different spots.

Ereck Flowers, Miami OL #18

Plays as the left tackle. Skinny arms and legs. Always appears to be reaching for his man. Grabber, holder. Moves well for his weight. Doesn't always appear sure of who to block but is trying to block somebody. Would say he has poor body control even though he moves well enough. Tends to get a little tall on cutoff. Can get to the 2nd level. Had trouble getting push on Gregory of Nebraska. Shows some initial pop. Will catch and steer at times. Push and shove blocker. Does a good job of staying on his feet. Doesn't get really get his man off the ball one-on-one. Doesn't get away from the line with any quickness in pass pro at times. Will give up his chest. Hands will go wide and on the shoulders of the rusher and then he will try to control him. Doesn't have great pass pro technique. Fights to keep from giving up the corner. See really as a right tackle prospect. Flashes some movement skills but not enough to have on the left. It is amazing how he is able to block at all with his technique but is a finisher.

Cedric Ogbuehi, Texas A&M OL #41

Played left tackle against LSU, Mississippi State and on the right side against Missouri. Tore his ACL in the bowl game against West Virginia and will not be ready to work out but wanted to pass along his scouting report. Light on his feet. Plays the majority of the time in a two point stance. Can capture the corner. Has the reach to extend on the rusher. Will come off the block when he gets top heavy. When he keeps balanced he can stay with him better. Is effortless in the way he plays in movement. Outstanding position blocker. Will work his hands inside to control. Gets better moving on the move than if he just comes off the ball one-on-one. Really don't know how strong he is but manages to stay in position while he blocks. Tends to cut on the backside. Has the feet to stay up and make that block. Can get away from the line quickly. Needs better upper body strength in pass pro. Has a hard time really sitting down on a rusher. Was beaten badly inside by Alabama defensive end. If he struggles that is usually the case inside. Really will try and finish blocks but there are snaps where he just gets out worked. Quick hands and solid technique. Nice job of passing twist stunt against Alabama. Outstanding athlete that just needs to get stronger.

Andrus Peat, Stanford OL #42

Lines up at left tackle. On the ground some. Tends to get a little over extended. Decent on the down block. Needs to show better sustain. Some initial pop and just loses it. Times where he struggles with power of the defender. The longer that he has to hold a block the more trouble he has. Can be a narrow based player. Plays like he has balance problems. For his size would expected more movement but really doesn't happen. Showed awareness to jump inside and pick up linebacker on the goal line. Will give some ground as a pass protector. Nice job of getting away from the line on his set. Aware for the twist stunt. Can put himself in position to pass protect. Doesn't always stop the charge of the defender. Has trouble when the defender carries him inside. Doesn't have to power to take that step and shut him down. Will become a tad straight legged. Really has trouble when he doesn't bend his knees. Believe that he has some issues when he has to play someone with power. Good initial technique but tends to get broken down.

Brandon Scherff, Iowa OL #47

Powerful man that lined up as a left tackle for the Hawkeyes. See him as a right tackle in the league or most likely a guard. For a man his size showed the ability to adjust in space. Gets his shoulders turned up the field on zone plays. Mauler, finisher. Can easily work to the 2nd level. Plays on his feet. Able to drive off the ball. Works hands inside. If over sets can adjust back inside to recover. Can seal the edge on a down block. Can really adjust on the move. Plays with power. Can drive his man past the hole. Creates space when he comes off the ball. Can kick to the outside, didn't adjust well back inside. Can get outside on the screen. Can sit down on his man. Able to adjust on the twist. Needs to stay engaged on his pass set. If he loses his man then he has to try and recover. Has trouble when man goes inside on pass rush. Nebraska DE got him overextended on the spin move. Wisconsin edge rusher was able to get corner and get underneath him. Has trouble when man is able to get to the corner. Struggled even at home. Much better blocker when opponent tries to rush down the middle. Trouble when he gets over the tops of his feet. Technique will come and go. Appears to be a short armed player on tape.

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