Broaddus: Veteran Safety Exceeding Expectations So Far


Some quick thoughts from Oxnard as the Cowboys are now one full week into training camp.

  • The return of Nate Livings at guard will help the development of Travis Frederick who needs to work with the guys he is going to be playing with during the season. Its all about feeling comfortable for Frederick and that starts today with Livings. He needs to get a feel and learn how Livings plays his technique on certain plays which will help him play his better as well. 


  • Kyle Wilber is better on the right side or the weak side as a defensive end because he doesn't have to face the power from the tackle and tight end to that side. He does a much better job of playing to the open side because he just isnt strong enough to take on those blocks, where Ben Bass is.
  • Will Allen is a much better safety than I was willing to give him credit for. He is more than just a band aid or a bridge to the next guy. He plays with smart, awareness and in control. He is a perfect match to play next to Barry Church just because of those traits. Church is so aggressive that he needs someone next to him that will be a steadying influence. Allen can teach Church the ropes that will help him develop his game.
  • Joseph Randle is picking up this NFL football pretty quickly. In watching him and running back's coach Gary Brown interact, it is pretty evident to me that Brown had something to do with his selection in the draft. It is rare that you see Randle too far a way from Brown during the time he is on the practice field. It is all about the learning curve and Brown is working hard on Randle to eliminate it.
  • Defensive end George Selvie and defensive tackle Landon Cohen have come in off the street and given this defensive line a much needed break on it's reps. This Pro Department has shown the ability to add players to the mix but it's the coaches that have taken the approach that no matter who they bring in, they will coach hard and get as much as they can out of them. With little or no meeting time on Tuesday, both players were in the middle of several plays. Selvie even dropped in coverage out of a fire zone on one rep in his first minute of team. [embedded_ad]
  • Quarterback Alex Tanney is not a stiff. He plays with pocket awareness and he is a good ball handler. His passes have touch but he can throw them with some pace. I like how he is able to get rid of the ball quickly under pressure. The Blue and White scrimmage on Sunday will be a big day for both he and Nick Stephens who are trying to separate themselves from each other. My live look and film observations hasTanney ahead in this battle now through the first week.
  • As this front office looks toward it's future in securing players like Sean Lee and Dez Bryant, keep an eye on Dan Bailey as one of those players that is in that mix as well. Bailey has developed into one of the most reliable kickers in the league today and there are thoughts that they need to make sure that he is here for years to come. 
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