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Broaddus: Williams Catch, Defense Among 12 Thoughts

16 May 2018:   Views
during the Dallas Cowboys at the Reliant Home Run Derby charity competition at the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas.  Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys
16 May 2018: Views during the Dallas Cowboys at the Reliant Home Run Derby charity competition at the Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas. Photo by James D. Smith/Dallas Cowboys

  • On a game full of huge plays, the biggest one in my opinion was made by a receiver who tends to trap the ball against his body. Terrance Williams made as pretty of a hands catch that you will ever see and to get his toes down inbounds was icing on the cake. Where Williams has been able to shine this season is in his ability to go long stretches during a game without the ball, but he will continue to run routes and block well to get an opportunity to make a play like he did on that third-down reception. Have to credit what wide receivers coach Derek Dooley has done with him these first two seasons.
  • I thought one of the real keys of the game was the way in which the Cowboys defense was able to make Russell Wilson play backwards in the pocket with its pressure. To me, it wasn't going to be about the sacks, but the pressure they could get on this Seahawks offensive line, especially in the middle. My gut told me that with Max Unger out of the lineup, there was going to be a chance for the defensive tackles to get push inside because in just studying his backup, Steve Schilling might be steady, but he is nowhere as good as Unger is at the position. So with Unger being out of the lineup, it was going to hurt the Seahawks in the way they not only ran the ball but threw it as well.
  • Scott Linehan needs to continue to use Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle in the roles they had in this game against the Seahawks. I was surprised that Linehan went away from it in the second half, but I understand what he was thinking because the game became tight and Murray is his guy. I am all for riding Murray for all he is worth, but as we saw on Sunday, both Dunbar and Randle can bring a different wrinkle to these games in a positive way.
  • Without seeing the game tape yet, I promise that this Cowboys defense played more man coverage against the Seahawks than they did zone. I have said all along that if Rod Marinelli would always play to the strength of his players, that this defense would play better. That's exactly what he has been doing, and they have.
  • It's amazing how well this Cowboys defense plays with Rolando McClain as the middle linebacker. There is really a good combination of defending the run now with McClain, Tyrone Crawford and Nick Hayden in the middle of the defense. When you can physically hold the point of

attack against a Seahawks rushing attack that wanted to pound the ball, but were unable to do so because there was no room, it says a lot about McClain and the job that he was able to do. The interception that he was able to make to seal the game also shows you the awareness that he also has in the passing game with his drop backs. He was in perfect Cover 2 position on the route. 

  • I don't know why Kyle Wilber got the start over Anthony Hitchens this week, but that was the case. It was another one of those moves that the coaches felt like that maybe Wilber gave them a little more in coverage, and there were actually some snaps where in fact that was the case. The coaches might have also felt that Wilber had a little more experience in the scheme and there would be fewer mistakes while having to play the run with discipline, which Wilber was able to do.
  • I thought the Cowboys offensively did a really nice job of handling the Seahawks safeties. There was no question that when you watched them on tape, both Cam Chancellor and Earl Thomas could easily play big roles in the game. But, that wasn't the case at all. Chancellor is such a force around the line of scrimmage and Thomas in coverage. I think that the way that Scott Linehan was able to mix his play calls that it didn't allow them to get in the game like they normally do when they get a team to be one dimensional. I thought it was an extremely quiet game for two of the best in the league.
  • Please don't ask me if Zack Martin is going to move from right guard to right tackle if Doug Free cannot go against the Giants next week. Martin has worked at center and guard only this season and he will continue to do so. This team needs him too much right where he is to make that move.
  • Seahawks Percy Harvin's offensive snaps: 6 touches for minus-1 yard. You've got to be kidding me.
  • The Cowboys offensive backfield was 11-for-11 on targets and receptions for the game. It wasn't always pretty or huge plays down the field, but there were several snaps where those receptions led to first downs and managed to keep drives going. Against the Seahawks defense, that was exactly what was needed for the victory.
  • I am very interested to see if that Justin Durant potential interception was in fact one or if he was out of bounds. I initially thought that Garrett was right in not having challenged the ruling, but I have to admit I never saw a reply that would have changed my mind. I promise that is the first thing I am going to check out on the coach's tape Monday morning. [embedded_ad]
  • The Orange Nike Shoes that are currently on my feet are 5 – 0 in case you wanted to know.
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