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Broaddus: Witten Nearly Willed His Team Back To Victory


This is one of those game films that I really am interested in studying because I do believe that there were some outstanding performances in all three areas for the Cowboys, despite the loss.

I don't think you can say enough about not only the effort of the defense today, but also what Jason Witten was able to do down after down when the club needed him the most. The last time these two teams met, Witten was really such a non-factor, and despite the win, you knew that killed him. Since that opening game, he has regained his health and is playing with the skill and confidence that we've seen for so many years.

From my seat, Witten tried to will his team to win this game offensively because he knew that the Giants had no answer for him, both underneath or up the field. You can see when Witten is in one of those zones when he's walking back to the huddle after he makes a catch. He knows that any route he runs or any ball that is thrown his way is going to be a catch.

Standing on the sideline those final five minutes, I wasn't one bit surprised that Romo continued to throw him the ball whether he was single- or double-covered. Romo even spoke about it after the game when he said, "Once we got in our package of stuff once we got behind, we really gave them a lot of trouble with being able to get to a lot of different plays from those formations."  

When Romo and Witten are on the same page, it's a thing of beauty to watch them work. With the Giants safeties having to concentrate on the outside, I was almost positive that Witten was going to make a catch down the middle of the field that was going to win this game. But, his record-setting performance become a footnote in a tough defeat.

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