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Offseason | 2024

Brock Hoffman ready to 'be that guy' at center in 2024


FRISCO, Texas — While the Dallas Cowboys offseason has been chaotic for some, for others it's been rather consistent since the abrupt end to the 2023 season in January. Of those in the latter group, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more consistent daily routine than what Brock Hoffman has been experiencing in the last two months.

Whether it's training in Frisco with renowned offensive line trainer Duke Manyweather, doing pilates twice a week – something he described as one of the hardest workouts of his life – or being in the facility at the crack of dawn to get a workout in, Hoffman has been training relentlessly in recent weeks to take the next step going into his third season.

That routine caught a minor break last Thursday when he participated in the team's first ever STEM event for local Boys & Girls Club students at The Star where he ran a station teaching kids how to properly snap the ball.

"My mom was always a schoolteacher, so it's about being an inspiration for kids to stay in school, get that education, something that someone can't take away from you," Hoffman said. "It was cool for it to be my first time really in Dallas to give back to the community, so I couldn't really pass up the opportunity."

It was a fitting station for Hoffman, who took on the responsibility of starting at center early in the season against Arizona last year and is now staring at an open job in the middle of the Cowboys' offensive line going into the offseason after the departure of Tyler Biadasz. What may have seemed small on the surface, Hoffman's community effort was a clear depiction of the biggest thing he is working towards this offseason.

"It's on my mind every day right now, to be honest with you," Hoffman said about the open starting spot. "I'm training like I'm ready to be that guy. I'm humbled. I've done everything that I've had to do. I've faced some adversity, being cut off the practice squad. I feel like that's all led to this moment, and I'm ready to do what I need to do to help this team win a championship."

While the departure of Biadasz allowed the opportunity for Hoffman, he will still miss one of his best friends in the locker room. While he said their close relationship may have seemed awkward to some given their competition, Hoffman said his own growth wouldn't have been possible without his friendship with the guy in front of him on the depth chart.

"It's been tough, man," he said. "We were starter and backup, but we are really close. Obviously, he signed a really nice deal, but it's tough for him. He's leaving Dallas, a place that's been home for four years now. I know he's excited to get there and start a new journey, but a lot of credit for my growth during the season goes to him being there and being able to push each other."

An opportunity lies ahead for Hoffman, regardless of where Dallas decides to go in the draft or if second-year interior lineman T.J. Bass could also compete for the job. After getting two starts last season and taking advantage of those opportunities, he's ready for the big one in front of him.

"I'm just so thankful that I got those two starts," he said. "I feel like I made tremendous improvements from the end of camp to the end of the season. For me, it's just building on that. I'm ready to be that guy. I'm doing everything that I can to show the coaches, show the organization that I'm ready to go."

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