Brown on Zeke: "It's Killing Him Not To Be Here" 


OXNARD, Calif. – A full week into training camp, the biggest story remains the absence of Ezekiel Elliott, who is reportedly in Cabo during his contract holdout.

Running backs coach Gary Brown said he has been in contact with Zeke since the start of camp.

"Yeah, we've talked," said Brown, who has coached the Cowboys' RBs since 2013. "For he and I, it's more (than) just coach and player. It's like a guy that I've come to care about as a man and a human being and I want to make sure he's taking care of himself."

Brown said he's had minimal contact with Zeke in the last week, but he remains confident his running back will be ready.

"From the couple of conversations we've had, he's doing what he needs to do and is staying in great shape," Brown said. "I'm just looking forward to whenever he gets here, he'll be ready to go."

Brown, who played eight seasons in the NFL himself, understands both sides of the equation. He also wanted to point out that he knows a different perspective of Zeke that many on the outside don't ever see.

"At the end of the day, he's a ballplayer," Brown said of Zeke. "A lot of this negative stuff you hear about him in the news and all that, that's not who he is. He's a really good guy, cares about his teammates and it's killing him not to be here."

Brown, and his relationship with all of the running backs, were featured in the first episode of "The Process," a behind-the-scenes show from training camp which debuted Thursday on

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