Buehler's Leg Critical To Field Position

IRVING, Texas --Practice was over for the week, but David Buehler was on his way to the film room Friday afternoon to continue watching 49ers returner Ted Ginn Jr.

Ginn's punt and kickoff returns for touchdowns accounted for nearly half the 49ers' 33-point total against Seattle last week, and Buehler knows he must limit Ginn's chances: either by kicking touchbacks or placing the ball in a tough spot to manuever.

Last week, Buehler had one touchback and landed his other kickoffs at the Jets' 3- and 6-yard line. Two others landed seven and nine yards deep in the end zone, but the Jets stubbornly brought the ball out anyway.

Distance, hang time and direction are requirements from special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis. Buehler is good at all three, but the Bay Area conditions could always dictate strategy.

"Hopefully if the wind's at my back," Buehler said, "and hopefully I'll get the green light as we call it to be able to kick a touchback and keep it out of Ted Ginn's hands just because he is a dangerous returner."

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