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Callahan Not Worried About Impending Play-Caller Decision


IRVING, Texas – Head coach Jason Garrett called it a collective process on Wednesday. Offensive coordinator Bill Callahan referred to it Thursday as a collaborative effort.

Regardless of the diction, both coaches have voiced a similar opinion that it shouldn't make much of a difference which of the two ends up calling plays next season, since multiple coaches are involved in creating the game plan.  

Callahan said he knew he'd be asked who the play-caller would be, but he still doesn't have that answer. Instead, he explained why it shouldn't matter as long as the collaborative effort remains.

"Really, it doesn't really matter," Callahan said. "When you get your game plan sheet and it's third-and-2, we all know what the priority call is and we all know what that call's going to be, whether it's a short-yardage play, a goal-line play, whether it's a third-and-6 pass, that's studied throughout the year and obviously throughout each game plan. Going back to how we prepare for a game plan, it's no different than any other team in the National Football League. We're going to study together as a group, we're going to work together as a group, we're going to thrive together."

By the time the game rolls around, the coaches and players should both have an understanding of what will be called after practicing for a week and implementing the game plan.

"It doesn't matter who calls the plays, we know what the play is going to be," Callahan said. "There's no guesses. There's no surprises. I think the players could tell you that as well. If you're a good football team and you have an identity of what you're doing, they could tell you the play that's going to be called and featured on that particular down and distance. It's no mystery. It's no magic."

Many expect Callahan to be calling plays next season. He said he hasn't spoken directly to owner/general manager Jerry Jones about that possibility, but he'd be happy to visit with him about that circumstance and would be prepared for that role.

Callahan reiterated Garrett's comments Wednesday that whatever decision is ultimately made will be the head coach's call.

"It's totally up to coach and what he wants to do," Callahan said. "I've partaken in the play-calling during the games here. I've done it at several places. It's a group effort."

Garrett said Wednesday that Callahan would assume a larger role in coaching the entire offense next year. Many interpreted that as a roundabout way of inferring Callahan will be calling plays.

Callahan explained, rather, that Garrett meant he'll get up more in front of the unit and be more vocal with the offense. Callahan said that's nothing new, and he's done that before to address the unit when it comes to putting together goal-line and short-yardage plays and talking about protections. [embedded_ad]

Until he hears from Garrett who will be calling plays next season, not much has changed for Callahan.  

"I've got the utmost confidence in Coach Garrett and what he believes and how he wants to go about the process of going through play-calling or whatever it may be," Callahan said. "My job and my function as an assistant is to serve the head coach, and I'm going to do that to the best of my ability."

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