Camp Sights: Daily Hot Takes Include Backup QBs, Leary Trade Talks & More

(Editor's Note: At the end of each day here at training camp in Oxnard, the staff writers will each provide their own personal observation, ranging anywhere from a particular player who is standing out, a position that needs an upgrade, or even their own personal experiences regarding the daily rigors of camp.)

Nick Eatman: Although I didn't really see anything on this practice day to give me this opinion, something tells me there won't be a veteran signed here at camp, and maybe not at all. Showers has gotten much better than last year and he will continue to improve with the added reps. Dak's head might be spinning too much right now but he'll calm down and process it much quicker. I just think we get to the preseason and those two guys will play well under the lights. My Aug. 4 opinion is that Showers and Prescott are the two backups on the Week 1 roster.

Bryan Broaddus: It's a real shame that DeMarcus Lawrence is missing those first four games of the season because he has been outstanding in the practices especially rushing the passer. During 1-on-1, Lawrence took snaps at three different spots and he went completely unblocked. I had not seen anyone put Tyron Smith that off balance since that game in Miami last season. Smith tried to set short on Lawrence but he was just too quick and he was able to jump around Smith as he lunged badly and fell to the ground. It was an impressive display of quickness and technique to put Smith in that position.   

Rob Phillips: With Tony Romo taking a rest day, Thursday's practice was the Dak Prescott and Jameill Showers Show. Thought we saw some good things from both players, as well as some things you expect from young quarterbacks: holding to the ball too long at times, not seeing things develop as quickly as needed. But Prescott showed good presence at the line of scrimmage, getting the offense into the right play. Showers has always shown poise in the pocket. Both were effective on the move and finding receivers over the middle. Sounds like both will get plenty of reps going forward as the Cowboys take a deliberate approach to finding a replacement for Kellen Moore. More snaps can only help them.[embeddedad0]

David Helman: Given the gigantic crowd of reporters surrounding Ron Leary after Thursday's practice, you'd think he was the Cowboys' starting quarterback. But the reason for the attention is understandable. Leary is a starter-caliber veteran guard, and there's no shortage of speculation that the Cowboys might want to trade him for another asset – maybe a veteran quarterback, for instance. Personally, I don't like the idea of weakening one of this team's strongest units. The Cowboys haven't dealt with many major injuries on their offensive line in recent years, but it's always a possibility in this sport. If they were to part ways with Leary, I at least hope it would be for someone who can contribute right away. If you're going to deal him, do it for a pass rusher or a middle linebacker – not a quarterback who you hope never plays.

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