Camp Sights: Hot Takes Include Feisty Dez, Improving CBs & Dak's Struggles

* (Editor's Note: At the end of each day here at training camp in Oxnard, the staff writers will each provide their own personal observation, ranging anywhere from a particular player who is standing out, a position that needs an upgrade, or even their own personal experiences regarding the daily rigors of camp.)*

Rob Phillips:Jerry Jones' media session regarding his Hall of Fame finalist candidacy lasted about 10 minutes. The visit might have gone longer if the Cowboys weren't practicing some twenty yards away and Jones needed to catch the end of the workout. Jones is a step away from Canton for his contributions to the Cowboys and the NFL over the past 27 years, but he's still very much committed to present – putting a winner on the field in 2016. "We're lucky to have him as our leader," team executive vice president Stephen Jones said, "and lucky to have him as our leader going forward."

David Helman:Dak Prescott struggled on Tuesday -- his first setback since he lit the league on fire in last week's preseason game against the Rams. He overthrew several balls, he miscommunicated with a couple receivers. Most notably, he threw an interception on a badly-thrown fade and cost the second-team offense a shot at a touchdown. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would never admit it on the record, but I bet he's pleased to see the rookie eat a slice of humble pie. Prescott had been on an upward trajectory for the last week or so. He strung together several good practices, and he obviously caught everyone's attention with a great performance in the preseason opener. He was starting to make it look easy. But playing quarterback in the NFL isn't easy, and Tuesday served as a timely reminder. Knowing what we know about Prescott's mindset, I'm confident he'll bounce back and raise his level of play once again. But it was good to remember that Prescott still has plenty of work to do.

Nick Eatman: We haven't had a fight yet at camp and probably won't now, but Tuesday's afternoon practice got rather close. And naturally, Dez Bryant was bringing the passion meter to a high level, nearly causing a few altercations with the defensive backs. More than anything, Bryant was frustrated because the offense was struggling in the team period. Dez and Mo Claiborne had a few heated, and tense, moments of battle. Dez ended up calling out all of the defensive players within earshot, yelling and pointing at various players. "You can't guard me," he said to Claiborne and then went to other players such as Byron Jones, Barry Church and even Sean Lee. "You can't guard me. You can't guard me. You can't guard me." The defensive players got the last laugh with more defensive stops later in the drills, causing Dez to stay animated even to the end of practice.

Bryan Broaddus:This morning on Cowboys Break we played a game called "Buy or Sell". One of the questions dealt with would you "Buy or Sell" these cornerbacks? If this was asked three weeks ago, there is no doubt, to a man - we would have all been selling. Something has changed with this group. Maybe its confidence or health or a little of both? These cornerbacks have done a better job of matching up with these talented receivers whether that has been out of the slot or on the outside. They are doing a better job of not allowing space and by playing this way, it has made the windows for these quarterbacks to have to deal with more difficult to find. The better play is just not from Orlando Scandrick but as a group - Josh Thomas and Deji Olatoye made just as many plays in this practice as we saw from Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr. What made this practice special for the cornerbacks was the majority of their outstanding play came while they were defending in the Red Zone which is as tough as it gets.  

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