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Carr Taking Steps To The Left Side

IRVING, Texas --After playing primarily right cornerback during his first four NFL seasons with the Chiefs, Brandon Carr is taking practice reps on the left side where Terence Newman started for the Cowboys since 2003.

When switching sides, cornerbacks are basically re-training their muscles to take certain steps. Carr has been working on his footwork on the left this offseason and believes it'll be a successful adjustment if indeed he plays there full-time.

"It is different -- I'm not going to say it's not," Carr said. "From the standpoint of your muscle memory on the right side, your mechanics and this and that. But every day just getting better, getting accustomed to playing that side of the field."

If rookie Morris Claiborne wins a starting job this year, it might make sense to keep him on the back side (right) and play Carr on the left because most offenses are right-handed in their attack.

But head coach Jason Garrett has said he's confident the Cowboys' corners can play all over the field. Claiborne played both sides at LSU. Mike Jenkins has started at right corner since 2009, while Orlando Scandrick has manned the slot.

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