Carr Wants To Add "We" To Taking Over League Comment


IRVING, Texas -  Brandon Carr says he would like to make a slight change on a comment that made several headlines, both locally and nationally about his upcoming season.

A few weeks ago, Carr was quoted as saying, "I'm trying to take over the league."

On Monday, Carr clarified, but he's certainly not taking back the statement. He's just adding a few other players to the quote.

"I said myself, I know I should've said 'we,' because it's a team sport," Carr said, referring to fellow cornerbacks such as Orlando Scandrick and Morris Claiborne. "Hopefully my mentality can trickle over to the other guys. No one expects us to do well. So let's take it over. We have all the tools, the camaraderie and the chemistry should be well."

But Carr isn't shy about the bold statement. In fact, he knows it comes with the position he plays.

"I feel like anyone that plays this game, you should want to be the best at your position," Carr said. "You see it every year. We've got corners this year saying they're going to this and that. I feel like I work just as hard as these guys. I feel like everyone is counting us out and writing us off. I feel like it's time to creep through the backdoor and take over. Not only for one game but a whole 16 game season to the playoffs."

For those who might be frustrated that Carr would say such things, considering the struggles he had in 2013, no one seems to understand it more than the cornerback, himself.

Carr even said he embraces some of the [embedded_ad] criticism from the fans.

"I knew coming to Dallas this was the biggest stage of them all. If you're going good that year, the fans will be behind you. but if you're not doing well, they'll let you know. It's something that comes with the territory. I've worked my butt off in my life to get to this position. I accept anything that comes my way."

When asked to assess his performance, the six-year veteran admitted it wasn't one of his best. Carr did say it was something he can learn from.

"I wouldn't put it as my top three years - last season," Carr said. "But it was good for me to get me back humble and get back to that grind – that chip on my shoulder. I took a beating last year, both on and off the field sometimes. I accept it. That fuel just added to the fire this offseason as far as me preparing myself and getting ready for this long journey."

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