Cheerleaders & CBS . . . Must've Been Big Win

Monday was a nice change from the email inbox, but it's further proof that it really is … always something.

But after the Cowboys completely spanked the Bills 44-7 in what was about as "must-win" as you can get in mid-November, the only real complaints we heard from fans had to do with things they saw on the sidelines and then things they never saw at all – like the last quarter and a half.

That's when you know it was a complete domination in every facet of the game. The Cowboys should be proud of themselves for that. Now, who knows if Buffalo is really that good of a team as it sits at 5-4 like the Cowboys.

Time will tell about all of it. As Bill Parcells used to preach, you can't really tell anything until after Thanksgiving. That's when we have a good idea of the contenders and pretenders.

As for those two topics, I don't really have much of an issue with either one.

Obviously, I was at the game but I do know what it's like to try and watch your team and the network pulls away. It used to happen religiously in the NCAA tournament until they finally got smart last year and split up all the game into more stations.

But you have to somewhat expect it. CBS isn't thinking about just the Cowboys fans but fans in general who would rather clean out their garage then to watch a 30-point game. The network actually did the smart thing, even though the Cowboys fans had to suffer. Buffalo fans had probably tuned out long before.

And as for the cheerleader, I think they all probably have boyfriends or husbands. It shouldn't matter if this one happened to play for the other team. I just think it's ironic that Buffalo scored one touchdown – and it happened to be the one storyline that generated some attention before the game.

I kind of like David Nelson's quote about wanting to do something else but since his team was down 14, he thought better of it. I'm just somewhat surprised he hasn't been fined yet by the NFL. And I don't really know why, but I'm sure they could think of something.

All in all, enjoy the win and the fact there really wasn't anything to "yeah, but" about. The quarterback was near perfect, the offense came out firing because of it, the running back looks like a star, the defense turned the ball over, made key stops and even scored, while the special teams was just about flawless, too.

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