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Clinching Playoffs is "Cool," But Dak Excited About Visiting Local Hospitals

While the Cowboys have clinched a spot in the playoffs and await the only team that has beaten them all year, the first thing on this week's agenda had little to do with football.

The team was all spread out all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area on Monday, visiting local hospitals to spread joy to many children. The annual visit is rather familiar to most of the players, but a first for rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, who put a few smiles on the faces at Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth.

"I'm so excited. There's nothing better. Just to be able to use my platform to benefit and put a smile on little kids' faces who go through so much," Prescott said. "It means a lot for me and I hope they got a lot out of it. It's fun to be around these kids and see their energy and their smiles after everything they've been through, and getting to share it with my teammates is awesome."

Prescott was also asked his thoughts on the Cowboys' clinching a playoff spot with still four games left to play.

"That's cool. There's a lot more football left," Prescott said. "Hopefully we're playing football for a long time."

Two veterans who have played football for a long time have been creating smiles at this event for years. Tight end Jason Witten and quarterback Tony Romo made their visit Monday to Children's Heath Medical Center in Dallas.

Cowboys players also visited Medical City Children's Hospital and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas.

"It's awesome just to come out here and give back to these kids, give back to our community," cornerback Brandon Carr said. "But just to put a smile on their faces, in return we put smiles on our own faces as well. It's a special day for us all."

The Dallas Cowboys made their annual visits to local children's hospitals on Monday, December 5th. The event, presented by UnitedHealthcare, included visits to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas, Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Children's Health Children's Medical Center Dallas and Medical City Children's Hospital.

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