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Coaches Used Off Day To Prep For Opener At New York

OXNARD, Calif. –The Cowboys have begun preparing for their season opener against the New York Giants.

More accurately, actually, they've been getting ready for the game since the schedule came out in April. But head coach Jason Garrett and his staff did, in fact, use Thursday's off day for the players to game plan for the Sept. 5 contest against the defending world champions.

"We do a lot of opponent game plan offseason scouting of all of our opponents, all throughout the offseason," Garrett said. "Each of the coaches has a team or has an area versus a team that we go through, and we spend some time really just kind of laying out a real basic game plan that we would have in all three phases of our team. So, the teams that you play earlier in the season, you do a more extensive job of. The teams that you play in your division, you try to do a more extensive job of.

"So we've done a lot of that through the offseason, we've done it through the early part of camp, and on the off day you try to continue that process."

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