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Cole Beasley Not Going To Make Same Camp Mistake Twice


OXNARD, Calif. – Wide receiver Cole Beasley remains a good bet to make the Cowboys 53-man roster for the second straight year. One year ago, it was a question whether he'd even make it through the first cuts.

Beasley left the team during the Cowboys' 2012 training camp in Oxnard, Calif., citing personal reasons. It was a mystery at that point whether Beasley would play another down of football ever again, and it's a moment he tries not to relive.

"It's definitely living life with some regret," Beasley said. "Hopefully, no one holds that against me now. I don't think they are. I hope they aren't."

Beasley was given an ultimatum to return, which he did. It took some talking with his family, and particularly his father, to realize the dream he would be surrendering.

The receiver would go on to make the team and serve as a viable slot option during the regular season.

 "I went through some tough issues then, and it helped me just to know what I had and what I was losing," he said. "It'll help me a lot going forward, because now it puts it into perspective for me."

The former SMU product arrived back at his house around 3 a.m. and had a two hour conversation with his parents in the morning.

Beasley said his parents were waiting for him at his house before he even arrived back in Texas after leaving Cowboys camp. They drove all the way from San Antonio to Dallas to discuss the options with their son. As he considered his next step, he absorbed all his father had to offer.

"Mainly, I was just listening to his perspective and what he had to say and everything that was going on," Beasley said. "He's been a mentor in my life forever. He was my head coach in high school and he coached me in little league and stuff growing up. Any time I need anything I always go to him and ask and he always helps me."

Beasley wasn't joking around when he considered quitting football. He said he doesn't want to think about it now, but he probably would have gone back to school and finished out at SMU. He has an affinity for coaching, so he likely would have tried to coach at the high school level.

Luckily for the Cowboys and for Beasley's career, the receiver decided to return to the team. He didn't want to divulge all the details of the message his father gave him, but it clearly was enough to get him to return. [embedded_ad]

 "We just had some issues within the family we had to deal with, so I had to take care of that," Beasley said. "I went home and talked to him about it, and we got through it."

Beasley went on to have a productive training camp and served as a contributor during the season. The undrafted local product caught 15 passes for 128 yards, including a seven-catch game against the Redskins.

This time, there are no thoughts about another future or leaving camp.  He said he's moved forward and tries not to reflect at that moment in his life.

 "I'm going to be here," Beasley said. "As long as they'll let me be here, I'll be here. I'm here to stay."

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