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Counterpoint: If Dallas Trades Up, Go With Barr Over Donald


Let's start off by saying that I'm not a draft expert. I'm not sure too many really exist out there, but I know there a lot of people who study college tape more than me. I'm just going off highlights and a few clips here and there from the coach's film.

Honestly, I don't really foresee either Aaron Donald or Anthony Barr being around for the Cowboys' 16thpick. However, if they were, I'd go with Barr as my choice for Dallas. The more practical scenario is both of them sitting there around the 12-13 range and the Cowboys getting the opportunity to move up. To go from 16 to, let's say, 12 would probably cost them a third-round pick this year.

It sounds like that's the only way you're going to get either Donald or Barr. And to me, I think I'd rather have Barr. Again, let's stress, "I think." I've watched a few cut-ups of both players and there's just something about Barr that is very intriguing.

Maybe it's his size and frame. Maybe it's the long arms. Maybe it's the mean streak he plays with. Maybe it's the long arms. Maybe it's his athletic ability and speed.

Did I mention the long arms?

I know we're not playing basketball here, but length can be vital when you're fighting with blockers, or getting your arms out for a tackle or, of course, putting them up to deflect passes, which I saw a few times on tape.

Barr just seems like a disruptive player on the outside. I could see him developing into an Anthony Spencer type of player with a little more upper-body strength.

Now, the kicker here is where to play Barr. Seemingly, Donald is a better scheme fit than Barr, who is probably a perfect prototype for a 3-4 outside linebacker. The knock on Barr is that he might not be ready to play defensive end in a 4-3. [embedded_ad]

Then again, the knock on DeMarcus Ware was that he might not be able to play 3-4 outside linebacker in the pros. That worked out fine.

A player can play. Coach him up, put him in there and let him go do what he does.

Using that logic, you can say the same for Donald. He's a 4-3 tackle as a 3-technique and scouts say that's probably all he is. But again, if he can play, he can play.

I'm not trying to say all players can fit all schemes, but I think Barr is athletic enough to adapt to whatever role the Cowboys would want to use him.

Donald would be a good pick as well, but if I'm giving up a third-rounder to land a defensive player, I'm going up for Barr.

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