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Cowboys' 4-For-4 TD Run A Franchise First

While one might say stats like this are old news come Tuesday morning, that's probably true.

Then again, it did take quite the research by the Cowboys' public relations staff Sunday night and Monday.

Turns out, it was the first time in franchise history the Cowboys have scored four touchdowns on their first four offensive drives of any game. I'm not sure we made that big of a deal about that on Sunday, but it is pretty impressive, especially knowing it's never happened in the team's 52-year history.

Four drives to start a game, and four straight touchdowns. That's pretty methodical work for a team that has struggled to get things going early in the games at all.

When the Cowboys scored their first touchdown, we even started to look up how many times this team has done that all year. Then after the second score, we knew it was a season first.

But who knew they would go right ahead and get a franchise record of four straight.

The funny part about that, it hadn't happen with the Cowboys before, but it did happen in the NFL already this year. New Orleans scored four straight touchdowns to open the game against the Colts in that 62-7 massacre a few weeks back.

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