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Cowboys Mailbag: April 10, 2012

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COLETON SCHMIDT BISMARCK, ND: Do you think Dontari Poe would be a bad selection at No. 14?

Nick: No, I think if the Cowboys think he's a player who can develop into a space-eating, disruptive tackle, then I would do it. I think his upside is worth taking a look at, especially at No. 14. I wouldn't be afraid to take him.

Josh: Not at all. I think he's such a rare combination of size and athleticism that he's bound to have at least a good career, with a monstrous upside. People that big and explosive don't go backwards, and for most 3-4 teams, that's the main requirement of the nose tackle. People say he's a high-risk, high-reward kind of pick, but I don't think there's much risk at all. And the reward could be incredible. Imagine a bigger, stronger Jay Ratliff.

A. BROWN MONUMENT, CO: Following the bounty scandal in New Orleans, is it time for the NFL to stop reporting injuries?

Nick:No, I don't think you'll see that. Don't forget how important fantasy football is to the league. Whether the NFL admits it or not, announcing injuries is huge for that aspect. I think announcing injuries, whether it's before the game or during the week is separate to what happened in New Orleans. I understand that pinpointing injuries happened there and has happened for a while. It probably won't stop. What the NFL did was to drop the hammer on the Saints and let every team know how serious this is. But I don't see the list going away.

Josh: In hockey they've stopped pinpointing the injuries, just labeling things as upper body injuries or lower body injuries. That's all well and good, but anybody watching the games can tell what part of a player's body has been injured. I think the punishment for this bounty scandal will be a much more effective deterrent than trying to hide the injuries.

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