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Cowboys Mailbag: April 17, 2012

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Leroy Camarillo - Lubbock, TX: This name has lost a little luster, but can you see the Cowboys passing on David Decastro if he's still on the board at No. 14?

Nick: I can see that happening. I still think defense should be the top priority – if it's a close decision between DeCastro and the defensive player in question. But if DeCastro is clearly the best player on the board and there is no decent trade on the table, then yes I would do it for sure. Here's a guy who is not only the best at his position, but can possibly line up and play for 10 years. I'd consider it.

Rob: That might be the $64,000 question. I'm leaning toward yes – it might be the ideal trade-down scenario for Dallas. DeCastro would present great value at that point in the first round, and the Cowboys could move back a couple of spots and still have their pick of some defensive players they like. Don't call me an advocate of that thinking. DeCastro's about as solid a pick as it gets.

Charles McPhatter - Bessemer, AL: What are the chances that the Cowboys draft a quarterback in the third or fourth round? Is that too early?

Nick: I think a third or fourth-round pick for a QB make sense . . . in the 2013 draft, possibly. That might be too early. Yeah, I wouldn't take a quarterback in any round this year. It's a wasted pick. I'd add one quarterback in rookie free agency just to get you through the rookie mini-camp and see if he's got anything. He'll probably not be any better than Stephen McGee or Rudy Carpenter, who are battling for the third spot. The only way I might is if it's the seventh round and you've got a fourth- or fifth-round grade on a guy. Then it makes sense.

Rob: It's too early. This isn't a particularly deep quarterback class past Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin, Ryan Tannehill (who will probably be over-drafted) and Kirk Cousins. The Cowboys addressed several other positions in free agency, but they still could upgrade almost every one of them. Interior offensive line and safety are good examples. I'm usually in favor of drafting developmental QBs, but not this year at the expense of another offensive skill position like wide receiver or running back (the tight end class is really, really weak).

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