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Cowboys Mailbag: April 24, 2012

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Gary Bailey - Carrollton, TX: I know Jerry Jones listens to a variety of people, scouts, coaches, and so on, but who do you think has the most influence on him in the war room?

Rob: Probably the head coach. And Jason Garrett is a person he has a lot of prior experience with, dating back 20 years to Garrett's playing days, so that helps. Don't be surprised if the traits you hear about each draft pick this weekend are "coachable, work ethic, character, team captain, etc." Every coach wants a player like that – and talent, of course – but it's significant to Garrett. I don't see any players with questions about motor being drafted here.

Josh: Aside from Stephen Jones, who always seems to be in lockstep with his dad on these draft decisions, leading you to believe he's making a lot of them himself, I think Jason Garrett is the guy who has the most sway. And contrary to what people say about Jerry Jones, I imagine there have been very few times over the years when the Cowboys made a pick to the head coach objected.

Larry Wittmann - St Croix Falls, WI: Does the memory of Roy Williams bother you when thinking about drafting a safety like Mark Barron?

Rob: It's not Roy specifically. I think Barron is better in coverage because he's a better athlete, and because he's willing to do it. It wasn't part of Roy's game and it never seemed to be something he tried to improve. But we've said all along here that Barron is more strong safety than free safety. The Cowboys have to decide whether that's a good fit.

Josh: Not really, because I think he's better than Roy was in coverage. But because of how spread out the field is now with four and five receivers, I'm hesitant to draft any safety who isn't coverage-first. The run-stopping is something that's been good enough for this team with average strong safeties. The hard-hitting aspect doesn't impress me - they're barely allowed to hit hard, anyway.

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