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Cowboys Mailbag: April 6, 2012

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PATRICK LYNCH EL PASO, TX: Over the last few years the Cowboys have had Roy Williams, Pat Watkins, Ken Hamlin, Alan Ball, Barry Church, Abe Elam and now Brodney Pool all play at safety. Do you think we should get a bona fide starter for the next 5-10 years in this year's draft?

Rob: The great Keith Davis doesn't get a mention? You missed him and a few others, but I get your point. The Cowboys haven't found any stability there since Darren Woodson. Gerald Sensabaugh has been pretty solid overall and will be back on a new contract, but the Cowboys need to pair him with another strong cover safety. Is Mark Barron that guy? He's definitely a big hitter and he's a winner. Harrison Smith is another good prospect, but not sure there's a "can't-miss" guy after that.

Nick: That sounds like a great plan. The problem is, it's pretty hard to get that safety you're talking about. Really, only two teams have that guy in the NFL. So even if the Cowboys went for the "bona fide" route and took maybe Alabama's Mark Barron, there are no guarantees it would pan out like that. Since taking Roy Williams with the eighth pick in 2002, the Cowboys haven't made the position a high priority. Those guys you mentioned were either later-round picks, undrafted or signed on one-year deals from other teams. If the Cowboys want to improve the position, then maybe it's time to make it a higher priority.

SKIP GUEST COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA: What would you think about the Cowboys signing Dallas Clark for a year or two? Very similar game to Jason Witten, and both lined up together would give defenses fits.

Rob:Seen this question a lot. Dallas Clark might not have one year left in this league, much less two. There are rumors that injuries have piled up to the point where retirement is a possibility. The Broncos didn't sign Clark to play with Peyton Manning again. That says a lot, doesn't it? Plus, the Cowboys don't need a Witten clone; they need a blocker type to complement him. They'll find one, if not in the draft then off the waiver wire at some point.

Nick: I think the thing people forget about Martellus Bennett was that he was a very good blocker. He could play alongside of Witten and hold his own against the pass-rushers and occasional blitzes. If you signed a guy like Clark, someone who really is more of a one-dimensional tight end, it would probably keep Witten in the pocket to block more than he already is. I don't think Clark is the kind of fit for this offense because he's really just a pass-catcher. It certainly worked in Indy's offense because they weren't trying to disguise his role. For the Cowboys, they want their tight ends to be more versatile than that.

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