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Cowboys Mailbag: August 9, 2011

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@Derrville: Can you see Martellus Bennett being relied upon more as a receiver than Kevin Ogletree this year?

Rob: I can see both getting 30-plus catches if Ogletree's the third receiver and Bennett's the second tight end. Doesn't sound like a lot, but that'd be a pretty good contribution behind the likes of Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Dez Bryant. Bennett wants to be a bigger part of the offense, but I wonder how much blocking help he'll be asked to give Tyron Smith, at least early in the season.

Josh: It just depends who is more ready for it. I think either could have a pretty nice statistical season, but there are still only so many balls to go around, which was the problem for the third receiver and the second tight end before. Bennett did ask for more opportunities, and Ogletree will be on the field a lot more. I don't think pass catchers are in short supply.

@K3nny870: How has Orlando Scandrick done since taking over with the first team following Terence Newman's injury?

Rob: Dez Bryant burned him for a touchdown in the scrimmage. Beyond that, I think Scandrick has been solid for most of camp. He's been around the ball. He has a good feel for routes. It's just hard to tell until we can see him alternate between outside and slot in an actual game.

Josh: Pretty good, I think. You would've liked to see him get in better position to tackle Dez Bryant on the quick-hitch touchdown in that scrimmage, but tackling has never been a problem for him before, so I wouldn't worry about it. He seems to always be right on his man, but doesn't make a whole lot of plays on the ball. My biggest concern with him continues to be the disadvantage he has against bigger receivers, which gave him trouble last year.

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