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Cowboys Mailbag: December 1, 2011

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Heather Wolf - Santa Rosa, CA: The Cowboys' special teams have not been so special for some time, specifically when it comes to returns. What's the problem?

Rob: To his frustration, Joe DeCamillis has never found a consistent playmaker on kickoff returns, and the new 35-yard line rule doesn't help. Felix Jones is their best option. They have a dynamic returner in Dez Bryant, but his injury history has made them hesitant. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah's release should elevate Bryant on punt returns, at least for now. As far as coverage goes, only the Redskins game was really subpar on punts. They rank 22nd in opponents' average start on kickoffs, but only a two-yard average separates them from the top spot. Again, the 35-yard line rule.

Josh: Other than Dez Bryant they don't have a dynamic return man, and they've been hesitant to use him both on punts and kickoffs for fear of injury. They've given up some returns here recently, but overall the coverage hasn't been a problem this year. But hey, Dan Bailey, you like that Dan Bailey?

Terry Francis - Houston, TX: Tony Romo has done such a great job escaping pressure the last two games, but does that only mask poor O-line play as a genuine reason for concern?

Rob: I don't think pass protection has been a major problem in these last two games. Romo has felt some pressure, but some of his scrambling and buying time has resulted from good coverage on the Cowboys' receivers. He can't wait all day to find separation. We are finding out just how much Tony Fiammetta helped the offensive line in the running game, though.

Josh: Well, maybe, but as long as Romo can make those plays – and he's shown throughout his career that he can – it's really not worth worry about. You always want every position group to be playing better. They're all a cause for concern at all times. But the offensive line hasn't been so bad that the Cowboys can't win with them, clearly.

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