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Cowboys Mailbag: December 21, 2011

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BRANDON GORDON READING, PA:What does it say about Jerry Jones and Saturday's game that the owner has admitted the Eagles scare him?

Rob:Absolutely nothing. Zero. Jerry Jones will probably admit he's not scared of using hyperbole from time to time when doing interviews. What he meant was, there's a lot at stake in this game, and the Cowboys have to have a healthy respect for the way the Eagles dominated them across the board on Oct. 30.

Josh: It says he failed to recognize how his words will be interpreted and twisted and blown out of proportion. The good news is he isn't playing. Anyone who saw the Eagles' dismantling of the Cowboys in Week 8 would have to think of the Eagles as the favorite in the game. Just because that game went the way it did doesn't mean the Cowboys can't win on Saturday, but it makes the challenge pretty clear.

STEVEN ROBINSON LUBBOCK, TX Is Felix Jones made of glass, or what? He is exciting when he is on the field, but if you can't keep him on the field is he worth a roster spot? I like the guy, but Mr. Dependable he is not. A couple of 20 carry games and he's spent.

Rob: There are still a couple of days until kickoff, but indications are this is mostly precautionary. Yes, Jones has had injuries this season and at times throughout his career. The Cowboys have never asked him to be a 20-carry guy, and that's probably part of it. But they also know they can't afford to lose yet another running back this week. They're not taking any chances in practice.

Josh:He's missed his share of games in his career, no doubt - 16, actually, a whole season, basically a fourth of his career. That's not a good ratio, but it's not necessarily that he's doing anything wrong, because the injuries have been legitimate. I think if you look around the league there are probably not a whole lot of guys who can handle those 20 carries per game, which is why most backfields operate by committee. But he didn't do it in college, so why would you expect him to in the NFL? Blame it on the Cowboys for picking a specialty back with their first-round pick. They need him to be healthy right now, which explains the precaution.

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