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Cowboys Mailbag: December 7, 2011

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Mike Mitchell - Raleigh, NC: Is it just me or can the secondary just not cover anybody? For three weeks now they have been getting shredded by average-or-worse quarterbacks.

Rob: Seems like recently teams have tried to max protect or use shorter drops to negate the Cowboys' pass rush and make it harder on the secondary. Eli Manning is a different-level quarterback than Rex Grossman, Matt Moore or Kevin Kolb. He threw for 300-plus yards in each of the Giants' last two wins at Cowboys Stadium, so they've got to keep him in check to some degree. Mike Jenkins' return from a hamstring injury will help the secondary over the long haul, and particularly against a physical receiver like Hakeem Nicks.

Josh: I think part of the problem has been the pass rush. Ryan hardly ever blitzed against Washington or Miami, and so long as they have time, even Rex Grossman and Matt Moore can shred you. He did some more exotic things against the Cardinals, and Kevin Kolb was held under 200 yards in regulation. The defense was just caught off guard by that screen pass in OT, however, which isn't really on the secondary. But yeah, they can do better in coverage, too. So, I guess you nailed it, Mike.

Gabriel Flores - Houston, TX: I've noticed that every time Jesse Holley goes into the game he makes a big catch, or just catches everything thrown his way. Do you think he deserves to get more playing time?

Rob: I believe he's 7-for-7 this year on targets and catches. It's like a pinch hitter who's batting 1.000. I'd say yes, not just because of Holley's efficiency, but because Tony Romo isn't shy at all about throwing to him as soon as he enters the game. Seems like he has full trust from the quarterback.

Josh: I agree with you that he's doing a great job when getting those opportunities, which will only earn him more opportunities in the future. Now, he definitely has some physical limitations, namely a lack of speed. He doesn't put any vertical pressure on a defense. Kevin Ogletree does, which at least forces a safety to account for the possibility that he could beat a cornerback on a deep ball. But like I said, he's doing good things when he gets in the game.

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