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Cowboys Mailbag: December 9, 2011

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EJ KEEGAN CLEARWATER, FL:Do you think that if this season goes bad and the Cowboys miss the playoffs or exit them early, Jerry Jones will make a change at the head coaching position? If not, what will be done?

Nick:No, I doubt it. You have to build some continuity with a team and the staff. I think new players will be signed through free agency and the draft. But I wouldn't think they'd make a coaching change with the head coach. Maybe some assistant coaches, though.

Rob:To borrow a phrase from Jason Garrett, this year and next year's coach of the Dallas Cowboys, this is a process. And Garrett's not going anywhere. The Cowboys expected to be competitive and to make the playoffs this season, but they made some roster moves (i.e. the offensive line) geared toward youth. That takes time, and Jerry Jones is going to give Garrett plenty of time. He wants him to be coach for many, many years.

MIKE WILLIAMS SOLVAY, NY With Miles Austin coming back this week, do you see teams still bringing eight men up into the box?

Nick: The Cowboys can only hope they do. If so, look for many deep balls to Austin and Dez and even Robinson. What makes the Giants so good on defense is that they typically can get to the quarterback without having to blitz a lot. So I don't know if you'll see eight-man fronts a ton with the Giants. If they do, it should open up the deep ball.

Rob:You'd like to think they'd be more hesitant to do so. In a way, Austin's return is just as important to the run game as fullback Tony Fiammetta. Arizona loaded the box and left Dez Bryant and Laurent Robinson singled up a lot. You have to make a decision with Austin lining up out wide or in the slot.

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