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Cowboys Mailbag: February 13, 2012

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MARCO ESCALANTE AUSTIN, TX: If the money and talent were equal, would it be better to sign a top guard or a cornerback in free agency?

Nick: I think every year is different. Some years you might say cornerback and others it'd be guard. With the circumstances involved this year, I think the Cowboys will probably sign both players in free agency, although I'm not sure they will be high-priced, top-of-the-line guys. I think the Cowboys want to spend moderate dollars on a guard and considering there aren't a lot of big-time corners in free agency, I don't foresee them signing one of the best corners this year. So to answer your question, I think both will be addressed but neither at a high price in free agency.

Josh: I think the same amount of money will buy you a better guard than it will a cornerback. Cornerback is the more premium position. The Cowboys had their share of struggles in the secondary. Then again, they had plenty of trouble protecting Tony Romo, too. I don't think it's an either/or proposition. In the offseason as a whole – the draft and free agency – they will address both positions.

DAKOTA NORTON JUSTIN, TX: Why don't most people seem interested to see Victor Butler get a chance to start?

Nick: I think when people see Butler, they've seen him make plays. That usually happens on third down when he's in the game as a rusher. The Cowboys obviously have a problem with him being an every-down starter who has to stop the run on a consistent basis. Yeah, Spencer gets ridiculed for being a first-round pick with only six sacks. And agreed, that number should be higher. But he's fourth on the team with 74 tackles and that's a big part of playing opposite of Ware. Teams run at you a lot and that's an area that you don't expect Butler – at 6-2, 249 – to be able to hold up on every snap.

Josh: Because I don't know if the Cowboys are sure he will succeed as an every-down player. Yeah, he can get to the passer a little bit, though I wouldn't go overboard with exaggerating his rush ability. The main issue the Cowboys have is with his run-stopping. He's more of a weak side player than he is a strong side player, and DeMarcus Ware is your weak side linebacker. That's why the Cowboys are really grappling with this Anthony Spencer decision. There's a lot more to the position than just pass rush.

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