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Cowboys Mailbag: February 14, 2012

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TYLER AZZARO SLATINGTON, PA: Why would the Cowboys franchise Anthony Spencer?

Nick: The timeframe to make a decision on Spencer is from Feb. 20 to March 5. Free agency begins March 13. Placing the tag on him at least protects the Cowboys from losing him and not getting any type of replacement in return. If the free-agent market suggested a lot of pass-rushing talent, then maybe you'd just part ways and move on. But the last thing this team needs is to enter the draft with a glaring need. And if you let Spencer walk, and can't find an adequate replacement, then it will pigeonhole the Cowboys into taking a rusher, even though he may not be the best available. Plus, for the role he plays, he's rather productive. Obviously the big stat for his position is sacks, and that's obviously a spot he can improve.

Josh: For the people who can't stand the idea of Spencer returning, here's an alternative way to look at things. Franchising him would keep him around for another year, but might stand as a signal the Cowboys aren't all that interested in working out a long-term extension. By keeping him for one year, the Cowboys could be buying themselves time to develop a newly-drafted outside linebacker.

JUSTIN SELL SANTA BARBARA , CA: OK, let's just get to the point. Randy Moss is 35, but how many can still run a 4.3 like he can. He wants to play for a winning team and we can sign him for cheap. Tell me why this would be a bad choice because we need to win now and he can stretch the field which opens EVERYTHING up for Dez Bryant, Jason Witten and Miles Austin.

Nick: If you look at the moves the Cowboys have made lately, it doesn't always suggest a "win-now" approach. If they had that, they probably wouldn't have cut some of the high-priced vets like they did last year. While I think Moss could be an occasional threat, I don't really believe he'd open up everything like you think. This team doesn't need those outside distractions and whether he's catching 1 pass or 10, he'll have a microphone in his face and is always subject to say something, which isn't what this team needs, especially from a third or fourth WR.

Josh: First off, I seriously doubt he runs a 4.3 anymore. Second, the Cowboys aren't a winning team, or at least they weren't in 2011, so why are you sure he would sign for so cheap. Third, why is winning now more important than winning over the long hall? By that I mean, wouldn't Moss be a progress-stopper at the position and - by the way - a terrible influence on some of the team's young, impressionable receivers. You know who I'm talking about.

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