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Cowboys Mailbag: February 16, 2012

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BYRON LAFLEUR WASHINGTON, D.C.: If the best player on their board at No. 14 is Alabama running back Trent Richardson, would the Cowboys take him?

Nick: I wouldn't think so. This team needs too much defensive help to justify taking another running back when it appears – let's stress APPEARS – they might have someone pretty good in DeMarco Murray. And if not, then Felix Jones had a pretty good season when healthy, too. This team needs defensive studs and there will be one or two there at No. 14.

Josh: Surely not. Everybody stresses picking the best player available, and that's the ideal strategy to a point. This team has so many other needs that it would be a shame to use a first-round pick on a running back, even one who might be great. If you want more from the running game, pick a guard.

SCOTT JAMES CANTON, TX: Cross your fingers. Let's say Tony Romo is knocked out for the season in Week 1. Would it be better for the Cowboys in the long-term, meaning 2012 and beyond, to have a veteran backup like David Garrard or Jason Campbell, or just see what Stephen McGee can do?

Nick: I don't really think any of those situations would be very fun around here. Obviously you have to be prepared for that situation. The Colts weren't last year. When it happened to Brady in New England a few years back, Matt Cassell was able to win 11 games. I think the Cowboys should sign a veteran in the range of the guys you mentioned and keep McGee as well. I'm not a fan of rotating your starting QB at all, but the backups wouldn't be so bad. Say you bring in a guy like Garrard or Rex Grossman or anyone really – they shouldn't automatically be ahead of McGee. I'd let them work for it. If something happens to Romo, then you must make a decision then.

Josh: Interesting question. In my mind, the point of having a veteran like that would be to get you through a game or a couple games if Romo was only going to out briefly. If Romo's out for most of the season, though, there's not a veteran backup out there who is going to be able to take this team where it needs to go. And the Cowboys are going into the fourth year with Stephen McGee. He's been serviceable in his brief regular season playing time the last two years. If that disaster scenario happens early in 2012, I think it would finally be time to just throw McGee out there and see what he's got. Maybe he'll surprise you.

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