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Cowboys Mailbag: February 27, 2012

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Brandon Gordon - Reading, PA: There have been reports the Cowboys "covet" cornerback Brandon Carr of Kansas City. What do you think?

Rob: I'd be surprised if the Cowboys really did make their intentions that obvious to teams in Indy last week, but there are dots that can be connected. The Chiefs seem to be preparing for life without Carr by signing Stanford Routt and even ex-Cowboy Jacque Reeves (at least for training camp) in the last week. And Jerry Jones made an interesting comment when he said the defense plans to use Orlando Scandrick "the right way," indicating he wouldn't alternate between the outside and the slot. He's making starter-type money now, so it would be a bit surprising to see the Cowboys commit huge money to a guy like Carr. But they were prepared to pay Nnamdi Asomugha last year, and adding a corner in free agency would free them up to go after a pass rusher in the draft like Jones hinted. Then again, Jones also said two years ago they wouldn't take a receiver in the first round of the 2010 draft; a month later, Dez Bryant was a Cowboy.

Josh: Honestly, I haven't watched just a ton of Chiefs football in the last couple years – at least not since Miles Austin torched he and Brandon Flowers, who is supposed to be top-notch himself. So, I'm not familiar enough with Carr to say that he would be a difference-maker for this defense. I think the reports that the Cowboys "covet" Carr and that the two parties are "destined for each other" are awfully premature. The team just signed Orlando Scandrick to a nice extension last year. Do you think Mike Jenkins is a keeper? Well, his deal runs out after 2012. So, you're going to give big money to Carr, too? Free agent cornerback are expensive, man, and the Cowboys' cap situation doesn't afford them the ability to fill every hole with a proven player. The Chiefs, meanwhile, are supposedly more than $60 million under the cap. So why aren't they money-whipping Carr? I'd be very leery of this guy.

David Graham - Arlington, TX: What would have to happen for Anthony Spencer to get more than six sacks in a year? Can he be even a good pass rusher?

Rob: Drop less. He really does play quite a bit more in coverage than DeMarcus Ware, so six sacks is probably more efficient than it appears. He does, however, come short of making some big plays when he does rush. And at times he simply isn't very active. Jerry hinted at some schematic changes that would make Spencer more of a rusher. It can't be at the expense of Ware rushing less than like 90 percent of the time, though.

Josh: I think he could be a good rusher, but it would take away from DeMarcus Ware as the league's greatest rusher. Spencer's job is to set the edge in case of a run, and often to drop into coverage in the flat. If he's going to rush, then a lot of times the other outside linebacker has to do those things. I think Spencer is much better at what he's asked to do currently than he would be at doing the things Ware does, if that makes sense. The question the Cowboys have to ask themselves is how much they want to play for an outside linebacker who is solid, but not catalytic.

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