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Cowboys Mailbag: February 7, 2012

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Sam Majors - Dallas, TX: How will having a full offseason of workouts this year help Jason Garrett and the Cowboys?

Nick: Well, you'd like to think it will help them a lot. Then again, it'll help all teams. But I think having a full year with Rob Ryan's defensive scheme will be beneficial. And strength coach Mike Woicik is proven to be one of the NFL's best. He really didn't get the chance to work his magic last year. I think a full offseason will help the entire organization.

Rob: It will help every team in the league, not just this one. But the defense should benefit most from absorbing Ryan's complex scheme for a period of months, not weeks like last year's post-lockout camp. And the young players, particularly the offensive linemen like David Arkin who need to add strength, should benefit from their first NFL offseason program under Mike Woicik. Still have to perform on the field, but physically they'll be more ready.

Jacob Maynes - El Paso, TX: If the Cowboys had beaten the Giants, what chance would you give them to go all the way like the Giants?

Nick: A little more than zero. I don't think the Cowboys were anywhere close to the Giants there at the end of the season. I'm not sure Dallas would've been able to beat Atlanta, and if so, going up to Green Bay would've been very, very hard to win. Just because the Giants did it, doesn't mean the Cowboys could've. Remember, they won four straight games against Seattle, Buffalo, Washington and Miami. But other than that, they really didn't show us much consistency. Had they beaten the Giants, to think they would've knocked off Atlanta, Green Bay, San Francisco and then the Patriots . . . not seeing it.

Rob: Don't think it would have happened. The Giants had been playing well for weeks, starting in early December with a close loss to the Packers and then a close win at Cowboys Stadium. If you look hard, the Cowboys really hadn't been playing complete, consistent football since their blowout win over Buffalo in mid-November. The defense and the offensive line would have had to make a 180-degree turn pretty quickly in January.

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