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Cowboys Mailbag: January 19, 2012

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JOE PIZANO KINGSTON, PA: Everyone is speculating Terence Newman is a goner, but are there any other players under contract who you could see being let go?

Nick:That's a good question because we really haven't talked much about it, other than Newman. Looking at the roster, I see some potential cuts with guys like David Buehler or maybe Kyle Kosier, but only if they found viable replacements at guard in free agency or the draft. Felix Jones wouldn't be a lock to return if they found another young back, considering that Jones is in the final year of his contract. Kenyon Coleman and even L.P. Ladouceur could all be replaced, but if and only if a younger, cheaper and just as productive replacement is found.

Rob: Good question, and I don't see many. Sean Lissemore and Jason Hatcher did a nice job rushing the passer, so one might think Kenyon Coleman would be in that mix. But he was solid against the run and Rob Ryan likes a big rotation. David Buehler should be in for a fight to remain the kickoff specialist, if the Cowboys keep one. Dan Bailey wasn't bad kicking off, and Kai Forbath should be back healthy to compete.

DAVID RIVAS BOCA RATON, FL: Would the Cowboys select the best player on their board at No. 14 overall if he was a nose tackle?

Nick: I wouldn't be opposed to that. I know Green Bay went even higher to get B.J. Raji a few years back and now he's in commercials dancing with Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, I'd be fine with that. You can figure out a place to play Jay Ratliff, who is probably a better fit for a 3-4 end. It's just the team didn't have a quality replacement for the middle. But if they get one, I can see a potential move for Ratliff.

Rob: Referring to Devon Stills or just general philosophy? I doubt it. Teams say they stick to their draft board, and that's true, but need is always a factor too. You can argue that outside linebacker (especially if no Anthony Spencer), cornerback, safety and inside linebacker are bigger needs. They could use a pass rushing defensive lineman, but they haven't been willing to take one that high since the 3-4 switch.

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