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Cowboys Mailbag: January 31, 2012

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TANNER BOWEN WEST JORDAN, UT: Are there any positions you think the Cowboys should look to fill through free agency rather than the draft?

Nick:The Cowboys have often said they like to fill their "needs" through free agency which frees them up to take best-available in the draft. However, they probably don't have that much money to get all of their needs. But you have to make sure and improve your team through free agency, that way you don't get to the draft and force yourself into taking a position of need, just because you have to get one. That being said, I think guard is a spot this team needs to improve right away. They should probably get some linebacker depth and I'd probably look to add a veteran cornerback as well.

Josh: No better than they've been at picking offensive linemen over the last 15 years or so (No. 9 overall pick Tyron Smith excluded), I would think that the interior of the offensive front should be addressed with a veteran. Also, whether or not Laurent Robinson gets away, his emergence in 2011 shows the value of having a guy who knows how to get open in this league as one of your top weapons. An experienced inside linebacker, I think, is a must as well. And then, if there's a chance to bring in a very good pass rusher or defensive back, I think that makes sense, too, but this defense has to get younger.

JONATHAN MOORE RIPLEY, TN: Beyond Austin, Bryant and Robinson, is there a wide receiver on the roster who you think can break out next year?

Nick: Nick: No, I don't see a breakout season. But then again, did anyone see Miles Austin's 250-yard game on the horizon? Did anyone see Laurent Robinson nearly tripling his career-touchdown mark in one season? It just happens sometimes. The one guy this team really likes is Andre Holmes, who had some hamstring injuries that limited his chance to make his NFL debut. But at 6-5, 208, he's got the frame you're looking for and the jumping ability to match. Now he just needs to get on the field and make plays.

Josh: As far as a breakout this year, I don't know. I think Kevin Ogletree could probably be a serviceable third receiver, now with another year of experience under his belt. And maybe a Dwayne Harris or Andre Holmes could really be a player at some point, but I don't know that you can expect that in 2012. Holmes has the highest upside because of his size.

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