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Cowboys Mailbag: June 11, 2012

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FRANK BAIR - ROCHETSER, NY:I was just wondering how you guys think Nate Livings is doing so far this offseason, and what are your expectations for him?

Nick: That's hard to tell right now, with absolutely no contact in the OTAs and even the minicamp. Obviously, you can see where the guy lines up, how quick he is, and if he's aware of blitzes – which all seem to be fine. But with those interior players, it comes down to strength, and the ability to move your man off the ball. That's something we won't really be able to see until the preseason games, and maybe a few middle drills in camp. Expectations? I expect Livings to be the starting left guard for this team and to be a very solid player, if not pretty good. If they get another Kyle Kosier out of Livings, it'd be a great move.

Josh: The thing that stands out most is just how big he is, especially as compared to Kyle Kosier, Bill Nagy and those guys that were starting last year. He just looked more athletic and powerful than Montrae Holland or Derrick Dockery. Obviously the Cowboys had a budget for the position, but there were a lot of guards on the market, and he's the one Bill Callahan wanted most. I think he will be better, and more durable, than Kosier would've been going forward, and that's what the move was about.

CLINT BOYTE - LEXINGTON, KY Do you think the Cowboys would consider bringing back Jesse Holley? He showed up every time hewas given the opportunity last year.

Nick:I don't know if they are considering it at the moment. Now, should they be considering it? Yeah, I would think so. Like you said, he made the most of every opportunity. Caught every pass thrown his way, and some of them were rather clutch. I think there is a perception that he is a great special teams player, and that isn't really the case. (Some of his work on the blocked punt against the Jets in the opener). But yes, with 90 players on the roster, I'd bring him back. I think he'd be a good 4th or 5th receiver. If anything else, his work ethic and his story to get here, might rub off on the young guys in a positive way.

Josh: If there is a run on injuries in camp, sure, I could see that happening. But if the Cowboys are committed to giving their young guys a chance in lieu of veterans like the guys we've been asked about all offseason – Plaxico Burress, Ochocinco, et al – then I don't see why Holley would be a huge consideration. The Cowboys evidently feel he's maxed out his potential. There's no shame in that. I think you have to admire what he's done.

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