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Cowboys Mailbag: June 17, 2011

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(Editor's Note: Each day we will take the 2 best questions for our staff writers to answer from the Mailbag. /"Click here" to email questions now.)

RUDY WARREN - BUFFALO, NY: If he can get out of his Giants contract, would Osi Umenyiora be a good fit for the Cowboys as an outside linebacker and pass-rush specialist?

Nick: Sure, he'd be a good fit. But I don't think he's looking to be just a pass-rush specialist. He's probably not ready to take a lesser role and it just doesn't seem worth it right now to try to sign someone like him and replace Anthony Spencer. I say give Spencer the chance this year to shine under a new scheme with Rob Ryan. He's got one year left on his deal and if it doesn't work out this year, he'll likely be on his way and the Cowboys will then have to find legitimate options to play opposite of DeMarcus Ware.

Josh: I think they would be lucky to have him if he were willing to take a specialty role, just playing in nickel situations. A lot remains to be seen, of course, first whether he can get away from the Giants and second that he doesn't have better offers, which he probably would anyway. For the Cowboys, it would be tough to make him a starter since he'd have to learn that stand-up outside linebacker position in a matter of weeks, plus the fact that Anthony Spencer is pretty good against the run. But Spencer isn't anywhere near the pass-rusher that Umenyiora is, so his case should be of some interest.

ANDREW MORALLER - MIDDLESEX, NJ: Would Nnamdi Asomugha be worth more to the Cowboys if the Eagles try to get him?

Nick: Well the Eagles and Cowboys appear to be going after him and maybe the Redskins, too. Sure he's worth more if a division rival is trying to get him but they can't overpay for him. And I don't think the Cowboys will try to sign this guy at all costs. It's just going to have to work out and Nnamdi is going to have to really want to play here. Something tells me that he does and it will work out but the Cowboys can't just break the bank for him because the Eagles want him as well.

Josh: Maybe, but in my opinion the Cowboys have to worry about keeping their own ship from sinking more than they do blocking the Eagles from making such a big move. Getting into a bidding-war for Asomugha could cripple the Cowboys' salary cap situation for years to come, so I don't think he's worth the huge financial risk.

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